Mile High Club - entrance exam  

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Mile High Club - entrance exam

Glancing down at my ticket I realize the taxi driver was not going to get me to the airport in time to catch my flight to Amsterdam and the on to Crete Island in Greece ..... Not thinking to book my cab ahead of time was my own fault but with work as busy as it was and my head just not in the write zone I had no one else to blame. Three months I had dreamed of this holiday and I asked him once again to try and drive a bit quicker. He nodded and continued to weave in out of traffic, driving much to slow for me. An offer of an extra $50.00 bucks made the car lurch forward as he realized now that I meant business.

Grabbing my cell phone I dialed the airline in hopes of trying to book another ticket. Although I checked online and no flights were available until the next day I hoped something would come up at the airline level.

"American Airlines, Alexa speaking, how can I help you".

"Yes" I answered, "I am booked on flight 469 and I am running late and don't think I'll make it. Are there any other flights that will get me to Dallas in order to catch my adjoining flight to Amsterdam at 7:55pm......."

"Let me check" Alexa answered. "Well, sir you're in luck, it appears that your flight is running a bit late out of Vancouver and you still have the better part of 30 minutes. If you hurry we can get you on the flight."

"I'll let the cabbie know" I said and hung up.

"What are you flying out?" the cabbie asked.

''American Airlines" I quickly responded, digging into my pocket for money to pay him. Flipping through my bills I found the additional $50.00 for the cabbie, and slid him the full $66.00 for the fare.

Into the airport I headed and quickly looked up at the departures. Gate b22, always the furthest gate from the check in. Rushing to the check in counter I stood in line behind what seemed like a queue of people that never ended. A few minutes in line I remembered a friend had mentioned on his last flight that he upgraded his seat to first class and enjoyed a wonderful trip with reclining seats and full bar service. Quickly asking the lady in front of me to hold my place in line I headed over the first class counter.

"Hi, Amanda, can you help me get my ticket upgraded to First Class? I asked.

"Lets see, your upgrade costs for this leg of the trip would run $661.00 but it looks like there are no seats on the second leg leaving Amsterdam to Athens, so I could go ahead and book you first class all the way for the same price."

"Great", I responded, "Go ahead". As I realized the flight was going to run 23 hours by the time I finished the last thing I needed was no room and crying babies.

"I can also check you in right now if you have your bags." Amanda pointed out.

"I'll go grab them" I answered and returned to the line up. Quickly returning I slid my bags and my scuba gear on to the weigh scale and was handed my ticket.

"Gate b22" Amanda said, "and you'll need to rush as they are boarding the plane. I let them know you are on your way and to hold the plane if necessary."

Rushing to the gate I arrived in time to get boarded. With all the rushing I was happy to be finally walking down the ramp to the airplane. As I hit the doorway to the ramp my heart skipped a beat as I was consumed by the most amazing smell. The smell of perfume had lingered in the ramp and I quickly realized that the lady wearing this amazing scent could not be far ahead of me. Picking up my pace I quickly arrived at the door to the airplane and the smell was even stronger. A few people were in line waiting to go through first class and I ran my eyes along the line up. Man, man, man, woman, woman, man. It was evident that the numbers were not in my favour and I could only see the one lady was blonde and the other was a brunette, both about 5'5 or 5'6 and then they past out of my line of sight.

The flight attendant then touched my shoulder, seeing my ticket and my seat assignment she pointed out that I had already passed my seat. Not wanting to let her in on my need to follow the scent of a women I turned around and found my seat at the back of first class. Opening the overhead compartment I set my camera bag into the bin and closed it. Grabbing my magazine I sat down. The space in this seat was amazing and being 6'2 made the leg room that much more enjoyable. The flight attendant had not even closed the door when I was asked if I would care for a drink.

"A screwdriver would be nice" I responded, and off she went.

The door to the cabin closed and I realized I was going to be by myself as no one was seated next to me. Opening my magazine I started to read. Not even realizing how tired I was the next thing I knew I was being woken up by the flight attendant.

"We are preparing to land in Dallas, and we need you to put your seat back upright."

I sat up and listened to the pilot calling out commands for connecting flights and my mind drifted back to the smell I enjoyed in the ramp. Thinking to my self quickly I realized I could wait outside in the airport and wait to see who accompanied the mystery scent.

I then heard "Flight 244 to Amsterdam leaving at gate c16 out of terminal 3." That was my flight and in checking my watch I realized I had about an hour to wait.

The plane docked and I collected my goods and headed up the runway. Waiting for what seemed like an eternity my mystery woman was a no show. No smell, no woman and I realized I had to head for my connecting flight as it was two terminals away. Heading down the tram line I thought to myself again how much I was going to enjoy this trip, even though I still had the better part of an 9 hour flight ahead of me. Nevertheless my lay over in Amsterdam was 7 hours and that meant some shopping in the red light district. I had heard about enough from my brother who was there in the military and it was definately something I needed to see. Thinking to myself how much more enjoyable shopping in that area of town would be with a lady I realized it would be just as much fun without, but maybe I could get lucky and find someone to shop with me. After all the people on my flight were all heading there as well and there had to be at least one attractive single girl on the flight. With my mind drifting I wondered if I should start putting my trips down in print as some day someone might be interested in my endeavors, as sexually frustrating as they may seem.

I rode the tram, got out at terminal 3 and found gate c16 and my adjoining flight. Once again a long line up of people and they were already boarding, so I would now need to wait until the end as there was no way I was going to stand in line only to stop at first class.

Handing over my ticket I headed once again down the ramp only to catch a slight whiff of that mystery scent. What was going on today. Was this only in my head or I was going to live Groundhog day all over again. Thinking nothing of it I found my seat, tossed my bag in the overhead compartment and took out my new camera and the owners manual. Might as well get things started on my flight and at least know how to operate things by the time I head out in Amsterdam sight seeing.

Grabbing my seat I found that the seat next to me was vacant once again. The flight took off and we had been in the air for only a few minutes when the seat belt light went off. I realized I had not had a chance to use the bathroom and stood up to head through the cabin to see who might be on the flight and if the scent I had trapped in my head was on my flight or if it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

Standing up I turned to walk through the curtain when an arm came across my chest. "Sir, you can use the washrooms at the front of the cabin, these ones back here are for regular class." the flight attendant said. As I prepared to turn around I caught a glimpse of what I thought might be the same brunette walking down the aisle towards the bathroom. I recognized the colour of her sundress and the big red flower on the back of the outfit stood out in my mind. I thought to myself was she the lady on my flight from Vancouver, and then I was asked to move so a flight attendant could get passed me when I looked back she was gone. Thinking it was only chance that two people had the same hair colour and the same dress I finished my turn and headed to the bathroom.

Back at my seat I passed the time reading the magazines in the pocket in front of me and consuming a few more screwdrivers. Dinner arrived and was nothing to scream about, had better food at home but heck this was a flight and it was still airline food. Finishing dinner I decided to have another nap. Turning on my air I settled back into my reclining chair and realized that it was definitely worth the money to be sitting in first class.

Sleeping for what seemed like only half an hour I fell softly into a dream. It was clear like I was actually living it at the time. I was sitting on the beach, gently relaxing on my sun chair, the sun beating down on my chest, when a cool breeze came through the wind. That scent, that damn scent, now it was trapped in my dreams, I thought to myself how is this possible. Then I realized where the scent was coming from as a yellow and orange bathing suit attached to a shapely lady traveled by my chair. Not catching a glimpse of her as she walked by I could only watch her amazing ass as she walked down the beach. Not wanting to look like every other guy on every other beach I stayed in my chair knowing that she still had to walk back. Rushing to the bar to get another drink and one for her return I stopped briefly to chat with the bartender. With drinks in hand I headed back to my chair and was prepared for her when she returned.

Waiting and relaxing it seemed like forever but I saw her on the horizon walking towards me. She was just a faint image on the waters edge and although she was a long way away I could smell her perfume once again. It seemed odd but it was like she was right beside me but yet the smell was getting more and more faint. Waking up suddenly I realized we had hit a patch of air turbulence that caused the plane to drop quickly. I was both a bit shocked and a bit mad that my dream had ended so abruptly. I sat up in my chair and for some reason the perfume smell was still in the air. How could this be. As I sat up I asked for a drink of water and noticed that the seat beside me had a magazine on it. A Cosmo magazine. Scanning the front cover I could see the ads, "Make him scream tonight, not you", "What a women needs, what a women wants, how to get it!" and the best article "Feeling sexy Naked". Wanting to read the magazine I was not sure who it may have belonged to and there were no flight attendants in site to ask.

Sitting, waiting, a flight attendant finally walked by. "Excuse me" I said. "Who might this magazine belong to?" and just as the flight attendant was going to answer I heard a sultry voice, "Sorry, it's mine" a lady said as she reached down to pick it up, "Do you want to read it" she directly to me with a skirmish grin and giggle, as she took the seat beside me.

"No, no I don't" I responded, "I was just unaware that anyone was sitting beside me as no one was sitting here when stopped to have a nap" I answered

"I know, I came into first class quietly while you were napping, was it good? she asked, " Yes it was thank you."I responded.

"My name is Jake by the way, Jake Ocean and you are?"

"Shelby" she answered, extending her hand to me.

Reaching out I shook her hand, and glanced down also at her left hand and saw that she had no ring on her finger.

Her hands were soft but yet her grip was strong and she definitely had a glow to her. Without really thinking about I blurted out, "what is that perfume you are wearing?"

Shelby started to giggle, "Its Calvin Klein, Escape I believe," she said "I think it might be the same one you asked someone about while you were sleeping."

"Pardon me," I asked.

"Oh, while you were off napping I heard you mutter softly to someone, that there was a sexy perfume smell in the air. Do you often talk in your sleep" Shelby asked

"I am so embarrassed", I said "No I don't think I have ever talked while trying to sleep, and by the way, how did you end up sitting beside me?" I responded with trying to change the subject.

"Well lets see" she started, " I was sitting back in sardine class when I saw you get up and breach the curtain of sanity. I had to go talk to the flight attendant, as the lady beside me was not feeling well. I had only a brief glance in your direction but I thought I had remembered seeing you in the airport back in Vancouver and I did a bit of a double take. I then remembered you back as far as check in when you were buying your first class ticket. I had just checked my luggage and wanted to run to the bathroom to change my outfit. You see, I had to rush to get dressed for the flight and only threw on a Lulu Lemon outfit. I didn't really want to wear it on the flight as it was something I had to grab on my way out the door. So I headed to the bathroom pulled off the fastest change of my life sprayed on some perfume and hurried to the gate.

I realized I would not see you until the flight landed in Dallas as you were up with the rest of the snobs in first class but when I got out of my seat I had forgot to grab my connecting ticket to Amsterdam. I then had to wait until everyone got off the plane to head back to grab it. When I finally got out of the airplane there was no one around and I was once again running late to catch my connecting flight. So I rushed to catch this plane and with me running late they were kind of enough to rush me through security checks so I could avoid the long tram ride. By the time I got to the gate there was more than enough time to board as I was back in row 8. I know this is long dear but bear with me" she said.

"When I took my seat I noticed the lady beside me was not well as she was coughing and sneezing. Shortly into the flight she ended up getting sick and not prepared she didn't make it in time for the air sickness bag and threw up all over the seat between us. With the smell as bad as it was the flight attendants felt sorry for me and asked if I'd like to take a seat up in first class. I was more than happy as there was still more than 8 hours to go. I was even more happy when I crossed the curtain and saw you seating here, quietly napping."

"Impressive little turn of events" I responded, "It was like we were destined to meet each other".

"So it may seem" Shelby said with a little giggle. "I guess I am just a bit lucky today"

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked

"Well it is not often that I travel for work and end up meeting people that are interesting and cute. I mostly end up sitting beside someone that either smells bad, drinks too much, talks about crap trying to impress me or has nasty eating habits."

"So what do you do then Shelby?" I asked.

"Promise you won't laugh first" she said.

"Ok I promise" I answered.

"I'm a fitness contestant and part time model and I am heading down for a calendar shoot on the Island of Mykonos in Greece."

My life could not be better I thought, staring into space. Realizing I had not responded I started to chuckle to myself. "Hey, you said you wouldn't laugh" Shelby said.

"Oh trust me, I am not laughing at you, I am laughing at how this all happened and my run of luck. I almost missed my flight, paid $600 bucks to sit in first class only to have no one beside me on two flights and I thought I was going to have the most boring 9 hour flight with no one to talk to. I then fall asleep, start talking in my dream only to wake up to find out that you a swimsuit model is sitting next to me." I responded

"Swimsuits, I don't model swimsuits,"Shelby said, leaning in close to me "I model lingerie,"

My temperature hit the roof and I immediately needed more air. Reaching up I turned the air to high as Shelby started to giggle some more. We chatted back and forth for a while and I found out how Shelby got started in the business, how much time she spends in the gym, her favourite colour and how often she shops for clothing. Shelby then told me that she was only going to work for another year or two and then start running charters for diving out of a warm climate.

As an avid diver we had lots to talk about and in the meantime did not realize the time passing by. Now three hours into the flight I found the conversation was interesting and the drinks did not stop. My choice continued with screwdrivers and Shelby was drinking red wine. Our conversations drifted back and forth from work to play and she was most interested in where I was staying in Crete and what I had planned on doing while on holidays. Actually at one point she actually asked me "who" I was doing but I was not certain if that was just a Freudian Slip or if it was meant to get me going. It worked though and from that point on all I could think of was getting this girl naked. That was my goal, maybe I'd plan on changing dive sites and head to Mykonos, but my hotel was already booked and I couldn't just ask to stay with Shelby.

Shelby then grabbed her Cosmo magazine and flipped thought and asked if I'd take a questionnaire with her. She started to go through the questionnaire with me.

Questions like, What is your favourite food to eat in bed? Where do you have sex more often, the bedroom the bathroom, the kitchen or other? Are you a giver or a taker? With these questions coming at me I started to blush and this must have been obvious as Shelby asked me "Is this getting to hot for you?"

Without a response I grabbed the magazine from her hands and started reading the questions, only to find out she had been making them up herself. Oh the intentions she had were sweet but no it was my turn.

As I starting asking Shelby questions I noticed that either the air must have been getting to her or the red wine was as he was getting a bit flushed and her neck was getting a bit red. I also noticed that her nipples were getting hard, and I was only hoping that was from our conversation.

Excusing myself I got up and headed to the bathroom. Hitting the bathroom I had to splash water on my face. The talk was getting so hot with Shelby I had to cool down. Finishing up in the bathroom I realized that I had a wet stain on the front of my jeans from the cum that had slowly oozed out of my cock.

Leaving the washroom I realized that the wine must have hit Shelby hard as she was leaning back in her seat with her eyes closed. I had a chance to walk back real slow and could see the shape of her breasts as they sat in her dress. I then realized she was not wearing a bra and that caused my cock to harden. As I got to row 5 I slowly slid across the seat and had a brief glance down at her dress. I could not make out any panty lines and wondered to myself whether Shelby was shaven clean or did she have a little patch of fur,or possibly a landing strip that lead to a sweet clit.

Grabbing my seat, Shelby rolled across her chair and whispered to me that she was getting really hot and bothered and wondered if I had ever fucked anyone on a plane. That truly was the question that both of us wished was in the magazine but no one was prepared to ask at the time. I was shocked, happy, but also really frustrated at the same time as it is not easy completing the entrance exam to get into the mile high club. Slowly she stroked her hand up and down my chest and to my face. She then ran her hand down my chest and to the inside of my leg. My cock was hard and it wasn't difficult to see the bulge in my jeans.

"Did I do that" she asked pointed the wet spot.

"I could only muster a quite "yes indeed" and I found my hand stroking the back of her hair.

Looking at my watch I realized we had another six hours to go on the flight. How was I going to pull this off in the next six hours. Think damn it think. While trying to think Shelby kept stroking my leg, which didn't help my concentration as she often slid her fingers across my engorged member. I realized at this point I had not yet
even started to prepare my camera and figured that could wait until I had landed, but then might need it soon as I was sure the be taking pictures of this lovely lady beside me in the naughtiest clothing she had with her. My mind was a buzz and I reached from my digital camera and the owners manual.

Just as I was getting ready to read, the lights in the cabin went out and the flight attendant came by. "We have dimmed the lights for those that want to sleep sir. If you'd like to read you can turn on your light on." she said. "Oh and by the way can I grab you a blanket for the Misses?" she continued.

" Yes please" I answered.

The flight attendant returned with a blanket and I decided I'd continue reading. With the blanket tossed over Shelby she decided to grab a pillow and rested her head on my lap. I continued reading and flipped from page to page. Needing the camera to check on things I grabbed it from the pocket in the back of the seat in front of me. With camera in hand I felt Shelby stir and her hand slowly moved up my leg and stopped on my zipper. I felt a gentle tug on my zipper and quickly looked around to see if anyone could see what she was doing. The cabin was fairly dark and only one other person had their light on. Sitting at the back of first class gave me the opportunity to see everyone. The man and women sitting in aisle 4 were watching a movie on their own DVD player, the lady in front of me appeared to be sleeping and the people in row 3 were reading as well. The man across from also appeared to be asleep but it was hard to say.

Leaning back I figured I might as well just enjoy what was coming. My zipper came down slowly and it was almost like Shelby was teasing me. I then felt her hand slowly slide into my pants and I could feel her grip my cock. Her hands were soft once again but firm. She slid the palm of her hand across the head of my cock and I felt the cum release into her hand. Pulling my cock out of my pants she slid it into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth was amazing and I realized I could not start bucking my hips like I wanted to. Fucking her mouth was what I wanted but this was as good as that. I did however want to see her face, her mouth gapping open with my engorged cock in it, and her beautiful eyes looking up at me while she sucked my cock down her throat. Shelby continued to suck my cock and from time to time I could feel her go deep and run her tongue under my shaft.

As Shelby continued to suck my member I felt her tapping my jeans. I tapped back thinking it was a game but then I realized she was trying to tell me something. I then felt her fingernail on the inside of my jeans. She continued making a stroking motion that was constantly the same. I then realized that it was a signal. It was a letter. Slowly I followed her fingernail.......W and I tapped her shoulder.......E and I tapped her shoulder again.......T. Wet that's good. I was really wet. Then another letter came D...U.....S.....S.....Y. Thinking quickly I realized it wasn't a D. Wet Pussy, now what was I going to do about that I thought. Reaching across the seat I found the edge of the blanket and slide my hand underneath it gently tugged up on Shelby's sundress.

I found my dreams had come true no panties. I slid my hand down the back side of her ass and grabbed a hand full of check. Her ass was like a peach so soft but so firm. Not wanting to act rushed I slid my middle finger down the crack of her ass and found her pussy was soaking wet. Shelby then slid her left leg over and this allowed me direct access to her pussy. Feeling my way in the darkness like a blind man, I found the opening to her cunt. Sliding my finger into her she simultaneously gulped deep onto my cock and dug her fingernails into my thigh. Taking my finger out I searched for the lips of her pussy. I started pulling on them, letting them slip between my fingers until they snapped back. Each time I pulled a bit longer and each time her pussy lips slipped through my fingers she dug her nails into me.

I resumed finger fucking her pussy and Shelby continued sucking my cock. Her mouth now was full of pre cum and she kept biting the head of my cock, not hard but just hard enough to stop the flow of my cum. With her pussy soaking wet I decided to slide more than one finger into her. One went in, followed by another and then a third. Spreading my fingers apart and spreading her pussy wide open I felt the need to taste her. Pulling my fingers out I brought them to my mouth and inserted on at a time deep down to the knuckle. Shelby tasted as good as she looked, and she purred like her kinship, a Shelby Mustang. Her pussy was as sweet as no other and she obviously had recently eaten a great deal of fruit as it had the taste of sweet nectar. Poking her fingernails into my skin again I felt her quickly spell the word "p u s s y" again.

Realizing I had a job to do my hand headed back down south. I ran two fingers deep into her pussy and felt her close her p.c. muscle. Squeezing again and again I felt her cunt clamp down on my fingers. Slowly I backed fingers out of her pussy and slide them back to my mouth. After tasting her a second time I wet my finger tips with as much spit as I could. Back down under the blanket my hand went directly for her ass. Wetting her ass my middle finger quickly found her pussy once again. I started short quick strokes this time jamming my finger back and forth as I worked Shelby's pussy to an orgasm. With the spit all over her ass, my middle finger deep in her cunt I slid my thumb across the entrance to her ass. Rubbing back and forth I massaged it gently. With no reason to believe it was taboo I thought I'd slid my thumb into her ass when all of a sudden I felt Shelby push her ass back into the seat. With that I pressed my thumb to her button and she slowly pushed back until I was deep inside her. Searching quickly my thumb pressed on her g spot and her p.c. muscled closed down on my finger again. I then started working my finger deeper and deeper and faster and faster.

This was obviously working for Shelby as I could feel her pick up speed on my cock. With a combination of sucking and licking she was definitely turning me on. The only thought at that point that came across my mind was where would all the cum go. I had from time to time shot some big loads, but with Shelby down there for more than 20 minutes constantly biting the head of my cock I knew there would be a ton. The last thing I needed to worry about was her gagging on the amount of cum that shot out of my cock. I certainly hoped she was into swallowing or she would soon be looking for the air sickness bag herself.

Working over her ass and her pussy I could feel Shelby once again start squeezing her p.c. muscle. I pushed my thumb as far as I could into her ass and could feel my middle finger moving over it. I knew that her g spot was directly in line with my thumb and I pushed it hard. Fucking her pussy with my finger deeper and deeper and I started to flick the deepest part of her pussy with my fingertip. All of a sudden Shelby's leg closed tight down on my hand. I could feel her heart beating through her pussy. With a slight shiver I knew that Shelby was having a great orgasm. I pushed slightly on her g spot and felt her shudder again. Pressing it harder I felt her quiver some more and then she bit down on my cock.. hard this time.

I realized at that point that she was loosing control and I slowly slide my finger out of her ass. With my finger in her pussy and her legs closed tightly I could not slide my finger out. Moving my finger back and forth I felt Shelby increase the speed of her mouth over my cock. With the same rhythm as her mouth I pumped her pussy some more. Picking up speed I started finger fucking her some more. The speed and warmth of her mouth picked up and I realized soon that I would be blowing my load, and hard. Fucking her pussy faster and faster and picking up the rhythm on my cock I put my hand on her head to signify to her that I was going to blow. Just as I was about to blow my load I felt her p.c. muscle clamp down on my finger and she started to shiver again. Blowing my load into her mouth I could feel her pulse again as she was orgasming for the third time. Pushing gobs of cum out of my cock I felt the main muscle in my hammer shoot cum into her mouth. Pumping four times I felt another one coming and I filled her mouth some more. Thinking that was all I felt her continue sucking my cock, draining every last bit of cum. Oh that felt amazing.

Taking the time slowly to gather ourselves I felt Shelby's legs part their vice like grip and I was able to slide my finger out of her. As I slid my finger out she started to leak all over my hand. Not much but enough to make it worth my while. I ran my fingers across her pussy to collect as much as I could. Feeling my zipper heading north I could make out Shelby's face peeking out of the blanket.

"Is it ok to come up for air?" she whispered softly.

Taking a quick look around and noticing everyone still in the same positions and no flight attendants up I looked back down and Shelby and gave the her the ok.

Sitting up, she adjusted her dress but still kept the blanket over her lap. Leaning in to me she told me that she was so fucking horny now she could not wait to land so we could find the first hotel room and get busy. We both wanted each other badly and looking at my watch I realized that it was going to be a long 4 and half hours to Amsterdam, and that there had better be a hotel at the airport we could check into. Remembering something I had read I grabbed the booklet from the pouch in front of me. Flipping the light on I checked the pages quickly. I found the ad that outlined rooms that were available to first class passengers right in the hotel. Keeping that in mind I figured it would not be long before I was deep inside Shelby and had her screaming for more, or might that be the other way around. Nevertheless we would be getting it soon.

Shelby rested her head on my shoulder and softly kept whispering "I want you inside me, I want you inside me."

Looking at the configuration of the seats and how far they reclined I realized that it could be possible to avoid going to the cramped quarters of the laboratory to get busy. I thought briefly to myself that it could be possible to start writing the exam for entrance into the mile high club. I suggested to Shelby that we recline our seats all the way back and order up a second blanket. I did not want to bother the flight attendants as they may be suspicious to my intentions so I helped myself to the overhead compartment that held the blankets. Quietly I removed a blanket and got back to my seat. Shelby had already reclined her seat and was lying face up. Her breasts standing at attention through her dress and her nipples jutted out like two smarties. What an amazing site. I slide across the aisle and take up my seat beside Shelby.

Spreading out the blanket the combination of the two together provides more than enough coverage. I lean into Shelby and mention to her that we could lie beside each other and "spoon". A little giggle comes from Shelby as she looks back at me and says "I know what we can do" as she snuggles into my chest.

Pulling the blanket over the two of us I whisper to Shelby that we should maybe play it down for a bit to make sure that no one can guess what we are doing. We agree that ten minutes should be enough but only seconds after she pressed her ass into my groin my cock started to get hard. Feeling me grow on the spot Shelby reached back with her right hand and unzipped my pants, and without hesitation she removed my engorged penis from it's silver teethed jail. Shelby then put her hand back in place and softly whispered, "I am sure you can take it from here."

Agreeing, but not yet wanting to engage ourselves I slid my hand under the blanket and moved her dress up passed her hips. With her pert ass pressed against me I had no other choice than to move my hand over top of her hip and started to play with her pussy.

"Back side" Shelby cooed.

I moved to the side and made a space between my groin and her backside. Without a moment to loose I placed my full hand on the back of her ass and ran my middle finger down to her pussy. Moving my finger ever so slowly I pursed her lips to the side and my finger fell gently into Shelby's soaking wet pussy. First one finger, then two I started working Shelby over and the feeling was amazing. While working over Shelby's wet hole my cock started to leak cum and I didn't realize it was running onto the seat. As I leaned into Shelby I started to run my tongue down her neck line and she certainly enjoyed it as I could feel her press her ass into me.

As I continued rubbing her clit Shelby moved her hand back to my cock and slowly started to jack me off. At that point I realized how much cum had formed on my shaft as it was instantaneously slipping and sliding through her hand. Shelby beat my cock for what seemed like only seconds but with my mind wandering to actually fucking her senseless on a beach I did not realize how much time had passed.

Shelby then tipped her head back and asked if I would like to join the Mile High Club right now. Without hesitation I moaned with approval. At the moment I removed my soaking wet fingers from her dripping pussy I felt her take my shaft and slide it between her legs. Shelby moved her hand away and I took over directing my cock to heaven. Running my cock up between her legs I felt Shelby move a bit to the side and my cock immediately felt wetness. Knowing I was close I shifted my hips to the side and my cock dropped into her snatch. With a soft, ever so soft moan I knew that Shelby was going to enjoy this. Before I even wanted to start moving my hips back and forth Shelby closed her p.c. muscle hard. The strength of her pussy was undeniable and I felt great to finally be inside this sweet lady. With a release of her pussy I started shifting my hips back and forth ever so gently and without any major motion to draw attention from other travelers.

As my cock moved in and out of Shelby's pussy I could feel her start to finger her clit. Faster and faster I could feel her working herself into a frenzy. Clenching and releasing my cock from her grasp Shelby was able to control my own orgasm and finally we were able to time it perfectly and our orgasms fell within mere seconds of each others. I first felt Shelby's pussy tighten like no other almost wanting to squeeze the liquid from my cock and then the warmth of the cum from inside her enveloped my shaft. It was the warmth of her cum that made me loose all control and my cock started spewing cum inside her.

With our membership in the club solidified we continued to lie in the same position and my cock remained inside her pussy. With the enjoyment of finally being inside her and my cock remained hard. Wanting to start fucking her again I opted not to avoid the spread of cum all over the seat as well. With a quick glance down to my watch I could see we were only just over an hour away from landing.

Leaning into Shelby's neck I whispered to her that I was going to pull my cock out and that she should try and hold the cum inside her so it did not run all over the place. The smell of our cum together might be enough to give someone especially the flight attendants concerns over what we had just done. She agreed and I slowly backed out of her pussy as she continued to squeeze herself as tight as she could.

Once out of Shelby's pussy she motioned that she was going to get up. Moving the blankets around Shelby was able to get out without to much trouble. Heading to the bathroom to unload my sperm from her vagina she looked back and gave me a big smile. With Shelby gone I sat my chair up and turned on my light. Searching for my camera I was able to find both it and my booklet. I was set to find out just how this camera worked.

Turning on the camera I was immediately shocked to find a photo of two amazing breast. I quickly realized that Shelby had taken my camera to the bathroom with her while I was out napping and the first 22 frames were pictures of her in positions I could only hope to get her in. Photos of just her nipple, her pinching her nipple, her tongue pushed out of her mouth and the tip of her tongue almost touching her nipple. I could not flip through the pictures fast enough and finally I found photographs of her pussy. Not seeing her pussy at all in the last two hours I found that it was an amazing little triangular patch just above her clit. The balance of her was shaven and smooth. The last photograph was her finger deep inside her pussy and her legs spread across the bathroom stall. As I finished flipping through the photographs Shelby had returned and the grin on her face was huge.

"So you obviously figured out how to turn on the camera" she said with a giggle.

"I guess I did, didn't I and by the way when did you take these? " I asked

"Oh while a little boy was napping." she answered " I didn't think you'd be turning the camera on until after we departed and I just wanted to leave you with a bit of me to treasure as I had no idea we'd end up doing all of this."

"Well I probably wouldn't have turned the camera on" I said "but I just bought it yesterday and I am not even sure how to use it"

Shelby laughed and commented that I had better start reading as I would need to know how to use it once we landed in Greece.

With that I started to read as Shelby flipped through her Cosmo magazine. Time passed by and we landed in Amsterdam.

Once off the plane I asked Shelby what she'd like to do and it without hesitation she asked if we could just head to ........but that is another story.

rm_notsureyet17 49F

4/4/2008 11:45 am

After enjoying a little of our own cyber sex in "Greece", I look forward to more things to come or something even better than the last time. Kisses, passionate kisses. Notsureyet17

studservice1970 replies on 4/7/2008 7:32 pm:
Thanks girl. I look forward to more stories. You provide the setting and I'll make sure you come. Can't wait to hear you though.....


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