Away To Long!  

studdmuffins 51M
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5/20/2006 1:31 pm
Away To Long!

Well it has been way to long since I posted a new blog and I thought that it was about time. A lot of life changing things have happened to me in the last month that but I really do not think that this is the right forum to talk about it. Suffice to say I am still here and breathing and trying to meet new and exciting people. I am still trying to stay away from the fakes and the window shoppers, but it is a jungle out there and very hard to do most of the time. There is one lady on here that I have been corresponding with on a regular basis that seems like she would be an absolute blast to meet, get to know better and have amazing sex with. The one major obstacle, of course there always seems to be one, is that she lives in Romania while I of course live deep in the heart of Texas! There are so many great and interesting people on this site, unfortunately while cyberspace is small the world is wide and that can make it very difficult to hook up at times. Although I am not completely sure that even the people who say that they are interested in some one on one sex really are. There is this beautiful woman that I have seen here and on a couple of other sites who says she is looking for a long term relationship, but she has a son and tells you how you will be an instant family man if the two of you hook up. Now I have no problem with that at all, the only problem I do have is that I have seen her in cyberspace looking for some one now for at least a few years. Either she is really not serious about finding some one and the long term relationship or she is so picky that by the time she does find some one, she can remove the instant family part of her profile because her son will be all grown up and gone! Another lady emailed me and said that she was waiting for me; I thought that was a very nice way to introduce herself. The only problem was there were no pictures on her profile so I sent here a quick reply saying that I only responded to profiles with picture. Does not seem unreasonable, does it? I took the time to post pictures of myself and even sent in to become a verified member so people would know my pictures were real. So wanting to know what a person looks like does not seem to be an unusual request. I believe a strong physical attraction is the first component in any relationship and then things can progress from there. She sent me a nice response, but still without a picture, so to me that was that. I have run into too many people posting pictures that are not even them and I try to spot those and avoid them .Generally really short profiles that only have one picture that looks like it was professionally taken is a dead giveaway. So that is it for today with my ramblings and musings. Hopefully this gives the reader a little more insight into me and maybe even a few good tips about navigating this web site. Thanks, Jon

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