Mating Habits of the Earthbound Male Part VI  

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2/3/2006 6:11 am

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Mating Habits of the Earthbound Male Part VI

Falling for the tease....

This one I did not observe, it actually happened to me not too long ago.

After enough "liquid courage" even I will get out on the dance floor and try not to look too much like an epileptic. I was out just dancing with friend when this girl actually moves in next to me and starts dancing too. I've never been the type to pull out the velcro and instantly attach myself to anyone on the dance floor, I just played the sly, look at her, see how she is looking at me and then turn and face to dance with her maneuver. It worked, she was out to dance with me. I am not writing a "I never thought this would happen to me" erotic story. This girl was not a supermodel, just your normal, everyday cute girl. We start dancing a little closer, me trying not to grind up against her because, as per my norm, was a little over aroused. I didn't want to offend this girl by just rubbing it all over her, so I kept close but our bodies weren't touching. We did the minimal chit chat because of the loud music, basically exchanged names and what we did. We just kept getting closer to talk into each others ears, and it became more of a sensual game. Lips began to linger a little closer to the skin but never touching, bodies closer, but again no contact. Conversation turned into pure teasing. She did that classic thing where the girl drops down and basically slowly slides up the body, but again without touching the body. I knew she knew I had a hard on at that moment, but it didn't matter. We danced like this, seducing a teasing for about 30 minutes, until the tempo of the songs changed. When the change happened she was leaning in, lips close enough to feel the heat from them, thinking finally a kiss, and boom she pulls back and just walks off. MEAN TRICK....of course left there with the stunned "Oh my god I'm so freaking hard it hurts, and she walks away" look on my face. Quickly retreated to the bar for a shot of tequilla and a beer. My buddies had left for another bar, because they thought I had scored, so I figure I'd go find a cab and a cold shower at home. Very frustrated while waiting for the cab outside. Her and her friends drive by and she gets out the car, all smiles and leans over whispers in my ear, "Sorry" gives me a kiss on the cheek and hands me her number. Still damned good friends with that girl, but I still tell her she was mean.

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