Funniest sexual experiences?  

stuckinks5 43M
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2/17/2006 1:04 pm

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Funniest sexual experiences?

For me, the funniest place I have ever had sex as I look back at my past exploits was in the back store room of a convenience store at 3 in the morning after meeting the girl who worked there at one of the local bars. The things that made the location were:

1) The bars closed at 2 am....she was drunk and great company and she invited me back to her place. After the 20 min drive to her place, she utters the infamous "oh fuck, I got to go to work!"

2) After her quick five minute shower to sober up and 10 minute drive to the convenience store, she tells me to wait in the car. It is now about 2:50 am. The person that had the previous shift leaves the building. She waves me in.

3) Go inside and there is no one at the gas pumps, so she locks the door and places the Be back in 15 minutes sign on the door. We go in the back room and go at it with the intent of a quickie. Neither one of us bothers to look at the time.

4) Exit the backroom at 3:45 and there are 7 customers outside waiting to get in. Had to act like an employee for 30 minutes until it became all clear in the store (30 minutes of work and no paycheck!) Leave the store at 4:15 am.

5) Pass out at home around 5:00 am.

6) Waken up by a phone call at 1130 am. Girl that took me in the backroom calls to tell me that the store manager for the first time that she knows of checked the video camera and realized what she did and fired her. OOOOOPS!!

7) Noon. Passed out asleep again! Did not hook up with her again. Blamed me (of course!)

heavenlyangel71 45F

2/17/2006 7:53 pm

Well, I dont know if this qualifies as a "funny sexual experience" but it was definitely the funniest moment i have ever had during a sexual experience...

Was seeing this guy, we are hot and heavy on his couch, decide to move it to the bedroom. He gets on the bed first--Its a waterbed-- he lays in the middle ... Me trying to be sexy decide to seductively crawl up the bed to him... Unfortunately he moved, caused a wave that rolled right under me as i'm crawling on my hands and knees at the foot of the bed... I go flying off the bed and land in an L shape hugging the corner of the wood frame... Holding on for dear life, trying to keep from landing on the also wooden floor, as he reaches to help me, i loose my grip and hit the floor. First words out of my mouth were "I'm ok" My dear friend is concerned but doesnt know what to do, so i get up and carefully get on the bed beside him, all shook up and embarrassed, but ok.... then I bust out laughing, and so does he, We laughed for a good 20min, then I decided it was time to stop laughing and get on with what we were doing to begin with, only i told him not to move as I carefully had my way with him, trying to keep both of us from laughing again!!!

We had a good laugh about that for a long time!!!

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stuckinks5 43M
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2/18/2006 5:33 am

That one is funny! Had a friend who got knocked out trying to have sex in a waterbed....same thing wave hit her, sent her head first into the wall.....waterbeds are dangerous!

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