welcome to the real world  

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7/12/2006 7:27 am

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welcome to the real world

Welcome Blog Landers,,,Have you ever had one of those eye opening monents. Well I had one of those monents,but it wasn't me that get a surprise,it was a young lady friend.She just got out of high school,and this is her first job.

When the boss was passing out the pay checks,she was so happy about getting her first pay check. When she ripped the thing open,the look on her face was so heart braking. I knew she just had her first eye opening that said "Welcome to the real world".

I told her that this is how the real world works,I said to her that our goverment taxes you for the money you make,than taxes you when you spend it. The look on that girl's face could make a grown man cry, she had no idea what shein for.

I walk her outside and sat with her,she was still trying to understand why they took out so much of her money out of her first pay check.

Can you remember your first shot of the real world,if so then lets hear it,I will tell my story in a later blog....


"Naked Boy"


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