strokeit51 66M
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9/9/2006 5:36 pm

Many thanks to those I have been hearing from lately who have enjoyed my stories. I'd really like to chat with you. Please send me a message--I'd be happy to give you my cell number so we can talk.

I recently got several emails from a guy who had been reading my blog and who wanted to get together. He was Asian (a MAJOR turnon for me!), so I invited him over on his lunchbreak. His name was Wally, and he turned out to be at least 6'3", so tall he had to been down to kiss me and roll that hot, wet tongue around my mouth. We rubbed each other's stiffening cocks through our pants for a while, then got naked. I was really happy to see he was uncut (another major turnon) and we began to 69 each other. He had one of those long, drooping foreskins that hung way past the end of his dickhead. His hard cock was about 6 1/2" long and really twitched and moved around in my mouth. He was really turned on when I licked his smooth ass all over and rimmed his crack. When he was about to cum, I pulled my mouth off and jacked him the rest of the way to see him shoot his jiz, which shot out in three thick jets onto his smooth belly. He took my hot load in his mouth, and we lay there for a while afterwards kissing, tasted my cum in his mouth. It was a great afternoon.

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