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I now had had sex with two different guys and was really feeling good about it. What next? I wondered. It was like choosing candy from a Whitman's Sampler! Then I had an experience that was a bit unnerving.

I've always been fascinated with transvestites, transgendered, and crossdressers. There is something so appealing about them -- beautiful women with hard dicks! What a combination! I enjoyed visiting the tranny sites, and had sent emails to several I found on the AdultFriendFinder's site, but none of the meetings ever came about.

Then I received an email from a young Asian woman who told me she had a friend, a crossdressing Asian male, who was interested in getting with an older Caucasian guy. She told me her friend's username and so I checked "her" out. The crossdresser's picture was really beautiful, so I could hardly wait to get together. I emailed my cell phone number and waited anxiously.

The next day, I got a call from "Jamie." She, too, was anxious to get together, so we set a date and I waited around the house for her to arrive.

When the doorbell rang, I peered through the peephole. She really was stunning with beautiful black hair and wearing a sheer blouse and miniskirt. I invited her in and embraced her, giving her a rose I had bought earlier for her. She gasped when I kissed her throat and behind her ears, but when I tried to kiss her on the mouth, she said quite firmly, "I don't kiss." So much for that.

We toyed around for a while -- she had the most perfect, round, smooth ass I've ever seen on anyone! We retired to the bedroom and lay next to each other. Then she undressed, and, as she pulled off her panties, I was delighted to see she had a dick about seven inches long, not particularly thick but really goodlooking, with an upward curve to it. However, as I started to lower my hot waiting mouth over this stiff and beautiful boner, she covered it with her hands and said, "No, I want to be the girl." OK by me, I suppose, but I REALLY wanted to suck that dick!
It was the same story when I tried to remove her bra. "The bra stays on," she said quite firmly. Yes, ma'am.

From this point on, she issued a series of orders, one right after the other! "Do this. Do that. Roll over. Roll me over." I was dizzy from trying to stay up. At her request, I tied her up, spanked her, played the role of a strict teacher disciplining a bad girl, even adjourned to the back yard so she could suck my dick outdoors (now I will admit, THAT was fun!) But then it was back inside and she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. "Come in from behind. Come in sideways. Lean me over the edge of the bed. YOU lean over the side of the bed." I finally went completely limp from being ordered around so much(to tell the truth, I've never been worth a damn at anal, either top or bottom). I finally began fingerfucking her ass, and she seemed to like that.

Finally she took my free hand and moved it around to that beautiful cock. I began stroking it, feeling it twitch in my hand, and she shot one long, continuous spurt of hot cum. Then, rather bored, she finished me by hand, got dressed, and left without a word. Apparently I had been quite a failure as a date!

It was a strange encounter, but it hasn't soured me on TVs, TGs, or CDs. I still hope to play with others, but maybe ones who aren't so demanding. I was beginning to feel like a trained circus dog!

Well, that's it for now. Let me know what you think! More later.


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