I'll keep trying....  

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5/7/2006 7:38 pm

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5/13/2006 7:45 am

I'll keep trying....

I have one of those "Spy Ware" virusi on my computer. It pops up to tell me that I have it, and it wants me to go to it's website to get rid of it. I hate humans. I did some research and found that it's from a Russian Company. I feel a World War coming on. If "our terrorist leaders" want to do some good, why don't they bomb someone who deserves it like spammers?

I went to a Poker Party again last night. That little Chicky from Moreno Valley was there. She is truly the hottest little 18 year old I've ever seen. When I got home I had to rub one out, thank you ummmm....whatever your name is.

I re-joined an old personals site that I used to belong to again today. I don't know if any of you guys have tried this, you see how many women you get when you do a search for women that fit your requirements right? Just try doing a search for a guy just like you. You will come up with like 1000's of other men just like you. Yea, Fucking ridiculas! We are suckers for these dating sites. I've adjusted my profile to all different kinds of variations of who I am; "Nice Guy", and "this bad ass guy who's writing this right now". It doesn't matter, we have too much competition with eachother.

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