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5/20/2005 6:51 pm

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Anyone over the age of say 30 knows that in the seventies we had an answer to missing Star TreK. It was a campy show called Battlestar Glactica. It was OK but no Spock, no Scotty Uhura or even Captain Kirk but it still had its appeal. It needed something of an edge though and cancelled itself out eventually.
There is a new kid on the block. the new Battlestar is really good. Has anyone seen this remake? Hotdamn its Frakkin good. I am not a TV watcher in general but this show hits a mark for me. Starbuck is a hot female. Adama played by Edward J. Olmos and he is intense as the Commander. The cylons are these freakin killing machines and they can look like humans. The best part is an ongoing plot/scenario that has numerous twists. Oh yes it is a good program. Fantasy SciFi in its finest embodiment and will likely have the cult status of yesteryear for a long time. Check it out. Its not campy its edgy. They have replace Fuck with Frak and use it regularly. It is a constant roller coaster of a show and something new comes along every episode. No I am not a show ringer. Just a fan of good entertainment in all its fine facets and this show is a gem for SciFi nuts. Any Starbuck lookalikes out there? Want to meet you and frak all night long. Then you can go blast those fuckin (oops) frakking cylons to hell!

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5/20/2005 8:55 pm is good...I even recorded the four hour mini series of it on the dvr before the series started. It does get better every week....always has new shock value.

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5/29/2005 12:56 pm

Sorry, love, but Dirk Benedict is, and will always be, the only REAL Starbuck. That said... sometimes I DO regret having neither cable, nor really the time to watch it.

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