69 - Who goes underneath? .. Does anyone need to?  

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8/16/2006 1:00 pm

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69 - Who goes underneath? .. Does anyone need to?

Well I thought given my username and particular liking for oral this would be a particularly pertinent question to answer.

There are pros and cons of course for whether the guy or girl takes the underneath position....ut it doesnt need to be either or.

Girl Underneath

Many young women`s early experience of 69 may well be marred by being manouvered into this position by a keen but inexperienced guy. The scenario is easy to visualise, a young couple engaging in sex play with the girl lying on her back.

The guy is a little older experienced and was to come over as confident and up for it. They fondle and kiss for a while, the guy sucking her nipples till she`s really wet and fondles her vagina with his fingers. She seems to like it but as an inexperienced guy not very good with his fingers. He decides that he will go down on hers so moves his head down to between her legs and starts exploring her with his tongue. He finds her clit and licks it back and forward. She loves this so he continues for a while.

He then thinks to himself - she`s getting all the fun here and moves his pelvis up towards her mouth to invite her to take a lick. In doing this he has to move himself over her so as to get his erect dick enough to her mouth. She stretches her neck to move her mouth towards his dick but this still does not close the gap. Really wanting the feeling of her moist pouting lips round his throbbing end he decides he has to straddle her with his legs.

This is Girl underneath pretty much by defacto. No discussion of would you like this, how would it be if we did such and such….Understandable after all you don`t stop in the middle of oral sex and have an informed discussion on what to do next.

They now have to cope with the consequences, the inexperienced girl is in a position where she has her head pinned between his thighs with a dick in her face finding it almost impossible to do anything but suck it.

What are her choices ?
1) Suck it anyway because it will please him and that`s what matters init? If she goes down this path she will almost certainly end up with him reaching orgasm while in her mouth have no choice but swallow to be able to go on breathing? Probably not what she wants at this stage and will put her off the guy for good and probably sex at least for a while.
2) Struggle to turn her head away but carry on
She will probably struggle until eventually ending up doing 1 or 3.
3) Ask him to get off
She has to stop ask him to get off her so that she can breath. He`s likely to think she`s not up for performing oral sex on him so not try to do that again - possibly he will even decide to try and get his pleasure elsewhere.

Girl underneath is my least favourite of 69 positions after all - where does all that lovely juice go when you are concentrating on her clitorus ? I dont want to go there.

I have not yet met a girl who actually wants to go underneath, it seems to me that someone would need to have sadistic tendencies to actually enjoy someone thrusting his penis and releasing his load into her captive mouth - not my kind of girl.....but then again thinking about it....I`m open to being proved wrong if YOUR that kind of girl AND attractive ...message me.

Guys Underneath

In my book a gentleman would always make sure that his lady was on top. There are three reasons why this is better than Girl Underneath.
a) The girl is often the smaller and lighter of the two - making it easier for the guy to support her, if she decides to lie flat on top of him his face is not confronted by a thrusting penis and two hairy balls dangling in his face.
b) The girl is always free to move away or to one side - a particular advantage if she`s not a sallower
c) For the guy there is also the advantage that the juice the girl produces as a result of his licking will run down her, slit, onto the shaft of her clitoris. With delicate movement of his tongue he can lick the drops off the tip of her clitoris just before they fall off.....nice.

Lying on your sides 'facing'.
Inexperienced lovers may not work out how to do this (I noticed a comment form a Guy on someone else`s blog saying `I have a theory that you should be able to do 69 on your side`) so I`ll describe it for those reading this that don`t know how.

If we took the scenario in described in Girl underneath to where the guy first goes down on her. If she then roles her pelvis towards him, bends her lower leg keeping it on the ground. Then bend her free leg so pointing her knee towards the sky, so that her crutch is fully accessible. He`ll find he can easily carry on licking.
She is now in the perfect position legs open and hands free, though perhaps leaning on an elbow.
Any guy`s reaction to this will be great; if I get in the same position she can suck my dick voila!

The great advantages of 69 in this position is
a) Both can withdraw for a break at anytime if things get too intense without completely disrupting the proceedings
b) Either partner can rest their head - so comfortable - you can both relax and get on with the business of peasuuuuuu.u.r.e.....ooooh.

Well which is best?
Personally I choose facing most times but like to go underneath occasionally ….not going to tell you why though.

Tell me what you think?

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8/16/2006 2:36 pm

Welcome to the Blogs! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun here, just beware of the drama, it can sometimes be worse here than in real life, LOL. Please take the time and stop by my blog to say Hi!


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