6 Exotic Princess Redux  

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3/25/2005 12:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

6 Exotic Princess Redux


Well 2nd visit 3 days later and the last visit for a bit. This beautiful girl is going away for a while. I know I am not like anyone else she knows and I know men throw themselves at her. Her phone rings lots when we are together. Its funny how minimalism and kindness get you lots more then egos and cash.

Anyway we had fun lounging around naked. I gave her a nice full body massage and then we had some doggy style pumping. I love the way she holds me and looks into my eyes afterwards. Intimacy but in small doses. Just my style.

I find what makes this exotic for me is her chocolate colored skin. It is soft and smells very nice. She is also 100% comfy with herself and has one hell of a lingerie collection.

24 hours later....

She came to visit me at work to say final goodbyes. I got a kiss, a hug, and two gifts; she said I couldn't look at till I got home. Well to my surprise I received a nice figurine of a boy kissing a girl and a pair of sexy pink panties. Kind of like a glass slipper. I will hold on to them till she returns and puts them on.

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