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3/25/2005 12:36 pm

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6 Exotic Princess


A week ago I saw a profile of a 20 year old model chick who didn't say much and had not completely filled it out and didn’t have a picture for me to look at. This is usually a bad sign but I figured I would invite her to my network regardless. She accepted and we chatted. I asked her if she meets in person or just chats. She said she never meets in person and only wanted to chat with me. That’s not what I am looking for so I removed her from my network. (Mental note: that was mistake)

Now out of the blue she decides to talk to me and she asks what I am up to on a Saturday night. Being honest I told her I was waiting for a friend to come over. She then asked me to call her when we were done or call her in the morning. I told her we were gonna be while and I wasn't so sure of her desires so I gave her my number and told her I get up at 8am and if she desired me to call then.

The phone rings at about 4 minutes after 8am and it's this girl, she wants to meet me in one hour. OK I wake up my overnight guest and tell her we got to get going. She offers to drive me to meet my new interest. Well I get to the meeting point it’s cold and rainy so I wait 45 mins and nothing. I head back home which takes about 15 minutes and when I arrive back home she has left me two messages. She missed me by like 3 minutes. I tell her to take a cab and I will pay for it. Remember too I don't know what she looks like I have only seen one so so photo but I do like adventure.

Now the cab pulls up and I am amazed. She is a dark skinned beauty. I pay the driver and the two of us enter my Apt. We are both sleep deprived so she plunks herself on my floor and tosses restlessly. After talking for 15 minutes I asked her if she wanted to have some fun and we went into my bedroom. Now due to my late night and previous performance the night before she and I had a so so experience. She said it was ok she understood. I felt bad I didn't live up to my promises. At this point I went and grabbed my digi cam and started to take erotic pictures of her. She loved it and it turned into a full blown photo shoot. I put up a backdrop and got out some equipment while she fixed her hair and makeup. We took several model-sexy type pictures and she sat on my lap as we viewed them all. It was a great experience and I know she will return for more fun cuz she told me so.

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