3 Wild n White Redux  

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3/20/2005 3:01 pm

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3 Wild n White Redux


You know just when you think life is going great it gets even better.

I had a 24 year old long lost friend come visit me last night. She arrived in style bringing me a nice bunch of daffodils. We talked for a bit after she arrived and we caught up on lost time.
What I really like about her is her confidence. She will let me take photos and video of her no problem. She like a few other girls trusts me to do the right thing.

Anyawy we drank a bit of booze, and proceeded to do some light bondage. What a fun night. We fell asleep at about 3-4am and were woken by a phone call at 8am.

Then 2 hours later the fun starts all over again.

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