pork and oil...  

str8h 49M
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9/2/2006 5:06 pm
pork and oil...

If we used the billions of dollars wasted in pork barrel government projects, and spent it on renewable energy projects, we'd most likely be free of our dependence on mid-east oil.
There should be a section on the tax form for "pork", because you know a percentage of your tax dollars will be wasted there. Then you get to choose how those dollars will be spent. I would've spent mine on hydrogen fuel cells. Those don't require oil changes

Break here to watch webcam... hot chick showing off... see pic

It's a shame... with all the money we send over there, that they don't know how to spend it. I guess greed will always show up in governments everywhere.
I wonder what will happen if the money stops... will they live "happily ever after" free from the "western devil", or will they descend into chaos without any viable export trade.

Oh well... back to watching this hot chick. She's putting on quite a show.

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