str8h 49M
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9/4/2006 10:57 am

Let's see if I can tick off the SUV owners...

In my opinion, the SUV is the least practical vehicle on the road. The "S" in SUV originally meant "sport", but now some auto manufacturers are redefining it to be "safety". I see a lot of these on the roads, as "status symbol" vehicles. I don't see many towing boats or trailers, or muddied from going off road.

Up here in the north-east, a good sales pitch is for winter driving. Four wheel drive will definitely get you going, but it isn't going to help you stop. Most people are too afraid to drive in the snow anyway. You would be better off with a good set of snow tires for most driving conditions than a SUV. Except for the mountainous areas by the ski resorts, then I can see the need for a 4x4. Having survived many snowy winter drives, I would have to say that front wheel drive is a great improvement over rear wheel drive in the snow. Anti-lock brakes are really nice, but if I had a choice, I'd get the front wheel drive first. Any extra money goes to snow tires.

The SUV can haul more stuff than a sedan or coupe. But a better choice would be a minivan or station wagon, both of which get better gas mileage and are more aerodynamic.

I don't know if the SUV is classified as a passenger vehicle or truck (like a pickup). There are definite safety regulation differences for a passenger vehicle and a truck. I'm pretty sure the passenger class is more consumer friendly.

The 4x4 transmission requires more maintenance. How many times do you think most people actually use the 4x4 feature? And when they do, is it more for moving or stopping? Remember, the 4x4 does not do anything for stopping, which is the most critical in accident avoidance.

I have driven SUVs on occasion, and I find that it is much easier to go over the speed limit. The perception of speed is different when you are higher off the ground. Going 65 in a 45 zone felt like 45 in a compact. This is not a good thing, since the SUV has a higher center of gravity and therefore more difficult to control at higher speeds. Personally, I get a better "feel" for road conditions in a sports coupe.

Then there's the "me" factor. "I" can see over other cars. Yeah, well your fat-ass SUV is now blocking everyone behind you. Selfish bastard.

Another "me" factor... it's safer in an accident. Except for the person you just ran into. You're better off getting a car with a better passenger cage/compartment and a butt-load of airbags.

I read last week that the US consumes 50% of the total world-wide gasoline production. This does a lot for our national image.

SUV's are a high profit product for the auto makers. (You have some money I could have too?)

I hope the couple of extra grand you put into those SUVs are really worth the boost to your ego, because you're really paying now.
And/or, you've been sold a "bill of goods".

Oh, what do I drive?
A 1.8L wagon, stick shift, 32mpg/36mpg city/hwy.
It may not accelerate too quick, but it easily does 85mph hauling my ass and cargo on the highway. And the most important... it holds my skis. Yeah, it still requires gasoline, but hey, I don't have the money like Ed Begley Jr.

Next time...
Pickup trucks... A man's attempt to compensate for his little ....

HotTXpussy4U 48F

9/4/2006 11:16 am

Hmmmm, my last vehicle was a truck - now I have an SUV. Next vehicle will be a truck...Seems I like buying really large TALL things and refuse to pay for delivery.

And being a woman...I don't have a "little" to compensate for...I just look good driving it!

str8h 49M
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9/4/2006 8:28 pm

I have some friends in Texas. They tell me people like big things there. I guess a compact car in Texas would be treated like a little circus clown car.

Nice nightie

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