Need new underwear  

str8h 49M
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9/6/2006 6:29 pm
Need new underwear

Laundry day. While folding the underwear, I notice a few are a bit worn out (OK, they have holes).

So I have a question to toss out...
"What kind of underwear should I get?"

Tidy whities?
Boxer briefs?
Thong? (Don't even think about it. I'm not going to be seen in the locker room with these!)

Or... "Who gives a rat's ass. Just cover your butt and shut the f*** up!"

Shelly_Marie 43F

9/6/2006 7:00 pm

boxer briefs would look good on you.

Mermaidslut 49F

9/6/2006 7:25 pm

go out and buy a variety... in a wide spectrum of colors

I just did. Lots of lace. But, I don't suggest that for you. But you should try some silk, some satin and definatly cotton.

Last night, I doubled up and threw on some boxers over a thong to go out of my room in the house. More comfortable then shorts and you never can be too careful who is out in the front room at our house.

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