"Convert! and jihad!" ... yeah, right.  

str8h 49M
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9/3/2006 9:00 am
"Convert! and jihad!" ... yeah, right.

For those that follow the news, apparently al'Qaida released a new tape in which there is a request for Americans to convert to Islam. Dumb asses. Let's see, I'll trade "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" for murder, repression, and suicide bombings.

Of all the monotheistic religions, Islam has fallen to the bottom of my list. You have:
Judaism : the original big "G". They tend to give off an exclusive club feeling. I would be on the outside looking in. Good work ethic.
Christianity : son of "G" with a twist. More accepting. Not as many requirements as the original, so you have more slackers here.
Islam : prophet "M" : Complete slackers. Only study one book (forget science, culture, and history - see Taliban). Philosophy of victimization - "we are victims of the Man". Famous convert - Mike Tyson (and other assorted jail birds).

Yeah, I'm a little harsh on Islam right now. But I don't see any of their top clerics pushing for peace. I only see messages for "jihad" in the news. I think their own clerics are too lazy to read their own book. And where does "fight the west" translate to "kill other muslims" ? When you have clerics failing to stand up for the "book" and cave into popular opinion and desire for political power, you end up with a "Jerry Springer" environment... stupid violence.

Now, the Pope, is someone you can admire. You may disagree with him, and some of his positions may be unpopular, but he's got a backbone, and works for peace (at least the previous one did).

But these Islamic clerics... spineless, power hungry, dumb asses. Disagree with them and they'll call a "jihad" on your ass (or is it "fatwah"?).

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