relax, it's just going to be great, or at least good, sex  

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12/5/2005 10:57 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

relax, it's just going to be great, or at least good, sex I'm a bit torqued ! # 1. you get all of these posts with pic's of a womans most intimate anatomy....and then they say they want something "special". Hey...get a life...if the biggest spotlight you post is your pu**y you are mostly going to attract guys that just want to do the wham bam and good bye. And there are those of us...myself included...who, while we might not want to be picking out good china, want to at least feel a solid connection to make it really worthwhile.
I'm cool and ok with 1 woman, 2 women, a couple with a str8 male. And as much as it is about great sex.....for me....the bell really gets rung when there is a good connection between all involved. Especially since I'm mostly a giver and just don't make enough viagra to do it on a purely physical level. Maybe I wouldn't need it if everyone were 10's. Nah, I'd still need it.
So...# 2: relax, just because I like to "like" the woman I'm with, I am still going to be a gentleman. NOT looking to steal her away. Juts hope everyone has a really great, memerable
So guys......stop posting pics of your manhood...unless the only one you are trying to attract is another man who wants nothing more than to get his hands on it, and cares not a wit who or what is attached to the other end. I have yet to meet a woman who loved c**k so much she didn't care what kind of a guy was supplying the heartbeat and blood.

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