Str8 men who play with men...  

str8boyjo 40M
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7/8/2006 4:07 pm

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4/5/2010 12:09 am

Str8 men who play with men...

I know that sounds like an oxy-moron... but there are plenty of men, who are straight, but under the right circumstance (enough beer, anonymous environment, or the request of a woman) would enjoy sex acts with another man.

The problem is, we men are under strict scrutiny. We are watched closely by women and other men for any evidence of being gay. Women, can kiss other women, sleep all night in bed with another woman, even take a bath naked with another woman, an say she is straight and we all take her at her word. But with guys, it’s a whole different story. Everyone is suspicious that the next guy might be secretly gay. Then the slightest act confirms everyone’s suspicions. If you trip in the locker-room, you might be gay! It’s ridiculous.

And then when men find out someone thinks we are gay, the world stops turning on its axis! You want to see a real live soap opera, put a bunch of men on screen and then call them gay and watch the drama begin. So many men are so overly defensive about what other people think of their sexuality. Why?? Are we that insecure?? That an anonymous message on a SEX site would cause so much emotion and offence and outrage?? Did you really think you could show your cock on a public website or cam and not have other guys look at it?? If so, why do it?

My motto has always been, “Cooking dinner doesn’t make me a chef!” In other words, I can do whatever I want and it doesn’t make me automatically anything. So I’m one of those straight guys who play with men. And I know there are more out there that know what I’m saying. When I want to have fun, 100% of the population has the possibility of being that fun!. Fun is not who I am it’s what I do. Just like cooking is not who I am it’s what I do. Who I am, influences what I do, not what I do determining who I am. Those who feel obligated to tell me if I’m gay or not, or if I’m in denial or not, needs to pay close attention. Labels don’t determine WHO I AM!

Besides, I though being gay was more than just having same sex. What happened to being “born gay” and “gay is a lifestyle”? Yet, if I touch a man’s cock BAM I’m gay! Sorry, I don’t buy it. I was born straight, and I live a straight lifestyle, and I cook dinner every day and men give better blowjobs. That’s’ it. None of that make me Gay or a Chef. It just makes me free to do what I want to do.

rm_twisted269 44M
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7/20/2006 1:00 am

Str8boyjo I'm twisted269 this is a good blog. All I can say is I LOVE YOU. This BLOG really puts it out there. Thanks.

SuckThisBigRod 61M

7/21/2006 4:27 pm

Hey, as long as you enjoy yourself and so does the other person, go for it.

islandjojo 43M

7/25/2006 2:18 am

Passionate, Intelligent Island Boi here...not into most Western Titles and Definitions of Man 2 Man Sexual Experiences...We all have Sexual Desires that may shift depending on the partner(s) or moment in Time...

Sexual Erotism is Sexual Erotism...Woman-2-Woman Sexual Play does not necessarily define them as Lesbians...and...Man-2-Man Sexual Play does not necessarily define them as Gay...

There is a distinction of "Making Love" and "Having Sex."

Grrrrrrr54 62M/52F

9/16/2006 12:04 am

Str8boy, I like what you have to say... on one occassion I have enjoyed the pleasure of one man licking my pussy while my hubby fucked me and it was an incrediblely erotic experience.

However, I just can't agree to your comment re: men giving better bj' haven't been with ME yet... {=}

BRbiCupl 55M
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10/5/2006 10:38 am

As far as men giving better BJ's, I am not sure that is true all the time. I know that I suck cock the way I would suck myself if I could and of the dozen or so guys I have sucked, all have cum in less than ten minutes and all have said it was the best BJ they have ever had.

Of those same dozen guys, only two were able to make me cum.

I've had more than 400 women suck my cock and of that number, only five or six could make me cum.

Generally speaking, I find that women are too loving and gentle or get tired too fast or change the intensity or rhythm at the worst possible time. The same can be said of the guys who could not make me cum, they sucked dick like the women I described.

I think most guys want their cock sucked like they masturbate when they want to cum. Lots of intense tongue friction, a good firm grip and steady rhythm... When you find the beat... don't change it.

I've never had a BAD BJ... Just a few were GREAT!

rm_SEXADTK06 38M

10/6/2006 6:09 am

Great commentStr8boyjo I feel the same way.

suckerface2996 55M
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10/13/2006 10:49 am

I could't have said it better myself. Thank's guy's.

rm_neauxbiguy1 57M

10/19/2006 8:27 am

I agree.I like nothing better than to know my sex partner is being satisfied,whether male or female.If I had to make a choice to have only one for the rest of my life it would be very difficult to do.I have had great sex with both and so-so with both.I would like to have great sex with both at the same time(ya hear me BRbiCupl!?!).As to if I am gay or not,who the fuck cares!I do my job,take care of my family,and am grateful for each day I am given.

rm_kmath66a 50M
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10/20/2006 10:29 am

Sex is sex, and as stereotypical as it may sound, sometimes a guy just wants to get off (and sometimes just wants to get off with another guy), and other men seem to understand that. Often that's half the turn-on itself, just knowing you're getting together, going to get off, and parting ways. Direct, to the point, boom.

curriousbuddy05 48M

10/23/2006 9:00 pm

Buddy you could not have said it nay better. I agree 100%

hugo03 52M

11/5/2006 4:35 pm


playfulpair44 59M/59F  
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11/29/2006 3:24 am

We think your words were well chosen and we couldn't agree more. Sexuality is what everyone at a particular moment make it. Life can be too short... enjoy it without the labels.

rm_lastinsight 58M
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1/20/2007 9:25 pm

Great post. What it gets down to for a lot of bi guys is that it truly is just about the sex. None of the emotional bullshit. We can let our guards down, get off great by sucking cock and just letting it go. In the end, it is just a blast with no strings. Dont know if I suck cock better or the guys that sucked mine have been better, I just know, we get together just for the sex, our guard is down and we have a blast.

hotchoclit2006 60F

3/2/2007 12:18 am

you've said the same thing i have been saying for years ,and i'm glad to see a male agree with me .you're so right about the female side of the issue of doing the same sex thing and not being labled gay but the men on men the first thing out of people is he's gay if he choose to engage in sex with another male.i love your open mind and freedom to express yourself without being labled.

desertrat51948 68M
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9/16/2007 9:51 am

I feel that the human form is beautiful. In that, anyone can be attracted to anyone and enjoy, looking, touching, and anything else that takes place. What someone wants to "LABEL" it is nonsense.
I enjoy the human form in all it's sensual beauty. Sex is fun with anyone I am attracted to.

voyeur9185 52M  
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1/8/2008 8:37 pm

hey, couldn't have said it better myself. i have been curious of mutual jack off or jacking another guy. i think a hard cock cumming is very hot. however, i love women and have a regular girlfriend. I don't check out men, just think cum shots are rewarding. thought it would be hot to jack a guy to completion.

mrcd9 48M

2/28/2008 11:57 am

Finally a man who has gotten it right, and he's still a man. It's the scared ignorant ones that get angry and defensive. Like someones attacking their manhood. As for who is the better cocksucker, well ladies I've not been with one that did it right. I've been with girls and women and my best BJ was by a man. Lets face it who better know how to make another man blow his load then another man. Peace


Buddy4str8 54M
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7/22/2008 1:12 pm

I just hope that you realise that, Your really are a dream come true and the true definition of an open mind.
If your ever looking for a change, I would do my best to make you feel welcome in Houston Tx.

Take Care, and Keep it hangin !!!
Alvin in Houston Tx.


8/8/2008 10:08 am


nycdude1963 49M
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8/6/2009 11:25 am

Right On Point!

twobicurious 42M/43F

2/1/2010 10:36 am

Well said....I find it very sexy when I see sexy men go at it...I see them as sexual men that love to be sexually satisfied by both sexes.Its just hard trying to find black men that will allow themselves to open up and feel the same as you do.

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