sexual urges: my theories...  

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6/1/2005 4:23 am

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sexual urges: my theories...

I'm mostly writing this out for self explanation, would love to hear your thoughts on it! Keep in mind this is almost completely uneducated, it's just my opinion and wasn't written for debate. To some of you it may seem like I'm either stating the obvious or "way off", but it may open the doors to thought... and you can always create a blog of theories (let me know if you, I'd like to read your theories as well!) Enjoy!

I think it's safe to say that mammals were "programmed" to procreate. We were given the tools to procreate, why would God or Nature (depending on your beliefs) NOT want you to procreate to some degree? And I think it's safe to say that male mammals have the urge to procreate more than female mammals... Men in general masturbate more than most women, men cheat more than most women... It makes sense if you think about it, a Lion can walk up to any Lioness and engage in intercourse where it's not as easy for a Lioness, if at all possible(?) to walk up to a Lion and engage intercourse. So it would make sense that God/Nature would program more of the urge in males to procreate since in general males are the ones who engage intercourse. If this theory is true then this might explain why some men are sexually frustrated due to the lack of sexual desire on their females part. It would also explain why there's more men on this site than women. It would also explain why Men in general continue searching for intercourse or search for alternate ways to relieve this need.

Unfortunately Humans and Lions aren't the same. Human beings were programmed with emotions... No, I'm not talking about the typical "happy" or "angry", but instead love, the desire to be wanted, among others. A Lion will have intercourse with multiple Lionesses without the commitment where Human beings get married and At least attempt to commit themselves to one person. This becomes hard however when, as stated above, the male's urge to procreate continues where the female's urge is minimal. Men try to masturbate to relieve this urge but the Male's brain knows it's not truly procreating. This could also aid in the reason why Male's don't like to wear condoms (other than the fact it *doesn't* feel the same) but their brain is telling them that they truly aren't procreating. That's why some women can seem to go years without sexual intercourse where men struggle to last a few months. The only way to truly satisfy the urge is if you are able to complete in a female reproductive organ or something fairly close like anal or oral sex. This is where cheating typically comes in but since we are programmed with these emotions, it's harder for some men to truly commit to sexual intercourse with another woman when they are committed already. This is usually where you get the "it's just sex" comment from a male who has cheated on the woman he's committed to, He feels that his emotions are connected to her but he's still in need of fulfilling his urges to procreate.

If this theory is true then it might also explain why some men consider themselves straight yet seek sexual release from another man. It also makes sense if you think about it, the part of the male that's programmed with emotions doesn't want to cheat on the wife, he knows the wife doesn't approve of him having sexual relations with another woman and there's also the risk that he may too develop feelings for one or more of these other women. With a man he can't have intercourse with the female reproductive organ but he *can* have oral or anal intercourse, with someone who is having the same urges as he is. This builds a unique bond between these males as they are both in need of the same thing, but choose another male because they know they won't develop the same emotions towards another man that they would for a woman. They can truly go back to the woman they are committed to without the feeling they've cheated yet still trick their mind into thinking they've at least come close to procreating. If this theory is true then it *is* possible to be straight and still desire intercourse with another man (or just desire intercourse and find another man is best suited to assist), but only if there are no feelings involved. If those type of emotions exist for you in both men and women then you *are* bi-sexual, and if you only feel this for men, then you *are* gay. But I have my own theory on why men are gay, that's another blog all together.

So what can women do to help keep their men from cheating? Well, I'm sure there's not one reason as it may appear I've attempted to give here. Different circumstances warrant different actions. I suppose if men truly are programmed to want to procreate then the way to satisfy that urge would be to allow sexual intercourse more often, but I suppose women being programmed to want it less shouldn't have to change either. Should she then just accept that her man will have this need to procreate? Hey, I'm just giving theories on the reason, I'm only human!

sexyeyes375 47F

6/1/2005 6:32 am

Very interesting theory...and great idea for your blog!

I look forward to future blogs. Have fun.

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