afternoon delight  

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8/28/2005 9:30 pm

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4/8/2007 8:23 pm

afternoon delight

sun beats down on us, as we drive along the coast...I know he desires me ...but I stay cool with my sweet gestures and remarks...all he can think about is the email he had read earlier that day >>>smilez ...

I awake in the night...with an insatiable desire to cum soo fuckin good...ur body lays behind me...mmm how I desire to feel ur hard cock...the tender touch of ur fingers sensually stroking my clit...yeah babe get me all warm and wet...u slowly awake from ur deep sleep to sense my urge for u...I want u from behind ...ur hard throbbing cock deep inside my ass while u finger fuck me ...using my sweet pussy juices to lubricate my ass ...ahh huh babe ...I am soo fuckin hot for heart pumps faster with every thrust u make inside of clit warm and tender ...pulsating with every touch ...........

let u all know what happened on the drive home ...laterz

as we journey along a track ...the blue crystal water we c in the what a fuckin view...breathtaking to say the least...overwhelmed with excitement ...passion and desire runs wild thru my mind exploding with every expectation for him...he opens the door to the 4 wheel drive as I face him and the Indian ocean eye"s meeting his with a glance of shyness ...but in my mind I know exactly what I want >>>smilez..."I want u naked on bonnet of the car ,now "oh u do ...huh... thinking he aint going to get his desire met so I want his cum slide down the back of my throat for the first time...I slowly unzip his jeans exposing his hard cock ...mmm totally edible...teasing the tip ever so softly with my sensual tongue ...I am in total control now >>>wink hand firmly at the base ...I take his cock in slowly all the way to the back of my throat >>>fuck that feels awesome...I am on my knee"s earth beneath me...his eyes totally fixated on me ...with every motion fast and furious in my mouth "he desires to fuck I had written"this is my moment breasts now exposed he slides his cock inbetween ...fuck it looks so hot...mmm to feel the sensual touch of his hard cock touching my erect nipple ...then thrusting it back into my mouth...telling him how I want to taste his cum for the first time >>>clenching his butt ...suxing him hard and firm ...I want him to explode ,feel his body tremble with pleasure ...ah huh ah huh babe...oh yeah that moment I could feel him ...such adoration has taken hold of me ...>>>he speaks my name and shares his thoughts>>>but I know I am fuckin wonderful >>>smilez ...we both turn to the waters behind >>>a boat sailing past ...turning to each other smiling ...too fuckin is a magical place we live and play wink wink

rm_hardrod77777 40M/F

4/8/2007 7:28 am

god that one is so true i wish that was me

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