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11/6/2005 6:31 pm

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this weekend

I'm really not sure what to say... This is my first blog ever and of all places to put one. Honestly I don't know why I registered for this site other then I am bored and might be interested in meeting new people.

Well anyways this weekend sucked! I'm a nursing student who had to spend all weekend studying. And I also had to write about my lame ICN (intensive care nursery)experience. The experience itself was actually really cool but the people during my two days there made it an uneventful and a negative experience. So it's true I'm in my OB/Gyn rotation. SCARY!!! I hope I don't screw anything up and hurt a baby. As for some of the mothers... well i'll leave that one alone.

As for the studying part, that parts really interesting and I find it fascinating how women can give birth to a baby. last week I witnessed a vaginal birth and the week before that I was "wowed" at how fast a cesarian section is done. So back to studying! the information is all about post partum... I mean after delivery information. All the info is dry and boring with the exception of how I keep on thinking that it's "wow" how women are still alive after child birth.

Oh and in between my studying I etched out just enough time to watch some college football. My team lost (

To conclude my useless ranting of my weekend I'd just like to say thank god I only have 6 more months of nursing school and that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'd be nice to finally get out and do something over the weekend like goto a bar, kick back and relax.

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