Your Masseur  

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3/20/2006 8:49 am

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Your Masseur

my thoughts had wondered as i rang the doorbell... I had wondered what she would be like to touch and massage after all i had read, seen, heard and fantasized about... not anticipating or expecting anything except other than performing a promised message... my heart was pounding and my cock slightly swelling as i heard you arrive at the door.... when i saw your smile i knew that i would have to restrain all my thoughts..... or i knew i would cum in my pants as i imagined my eager hands stroking, probing and rubbing your body.... a glass of wine, a quick introduction and you lead me to your room for the massage to start..... dark and sultry as we entered the room... the scent and flicker of candles only caused me to stir further… the sheet were soft and fresh as I offered to step out of the room .... instead you raised your arms beconing me to pull your shirt off over your head..... my swollen cock evident as i stood before you removing your shirt..... as i slowly traced my hands around your chest and back you "accidentally" leaned forward and pressed against my growing heat.... i released the hooks of your bra and softly helped you out of your confines allowing my hands to brush your erect nipples...... as i gently laid you on your back you offered your hips to me allowing me to slowly slide your pants off..... i could feel your heat as i longingly traced your panties with a firm hand before sliding this sexy display to your feet revealing your moist swollen lips... although i wanted to take you in my mouth and suck the honey from within you i was there to relax and pleasure you not engage in my wanton needs..... you knew what to do and gently rolled over squirming and pushing your ass ever so slightly in the air knowing my hands wanted to start their journey..... your voice was so soft yet direct... "before you begin take off all of your clothes but your panties"... i knew that this was not merely a request and so i complied.... you pretended not to notice but i did hear you whisper mmmm, red, i would have bet white..... i filled my hands with the warm oil and ever so softly began the strokes intended to relax..... as i stood at your head each downward stroke allowed me to enjoy the length of your body as i brushed against you hair.... eventually your hands found their way to my panties and traced the growing shape within..... as i worked your body you repeatedly tried to release my sex.... yet i would not allow you this pleasure..... when i got to you bottom your body let me know that pleasure was expected and my hands and fingers followed your motions and were lead on by your moans....... eventually i knew it was time to proceed to the front of my prey..... i held the sheet and discretely shielded my eyes as you rolled on your back..... your breasts were full and your nipples erect.... no matter how hard i tried it was impossible not to notice your thick swollen lips so full and inviting that they were slightly parted and glistening with nectar..... your moans grew more intense even though i worked hard to avoid your erogenous areas.... there was no mistaking the way you parted your lips... our mouths were meant to meet..... i slid down beside you not taking my hand from you.... our kiss was deep and hypnotic... my hand was full of your breasts..... slowly circling and caressing... ever so determined to roll those diamond hard nipples between my silky oil covered fingers..... my mouth could not, would not give up your lips and tongue.... we kissed the kiss of desire until no more air filled our lungs..... you guided my hand between your legs.... you covered my hand with yours and showed me the way to your pleasure.... my mouth alternating between seeking your eager tongue and your tender breasts...... your honey was freely flowing.... my hand and the sheets soaked with your cum..... as i moved yet again from your mouth over your breasts to your stomach your quivering hands rose to my head and pushed me to your swollen clit... you held me there as i sucked your hard swollen clit into my mouth... your hands pushing my face harder onto you knowing that i would suck you off..... your explosions came in ever increasing waves until your body could take no more.... you released my head and lay there panting...... i was so hard and full as i purposefully slid up your fully spent body....

kj1753 62F
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3/21/2006 10:30 pm

mmmmmm baby sounds very nice. Can't wait for the sequel.

rm_Earthywoman3 57F
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3/22/2006 12:27 am

I think that would be too much to hope for at this point. But, I remember some great hands.

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deeliciousbbw 57F

4/4/2006 10:16 pm

Such an erotic story....lucky lady indeed.

kj1753 62F
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4/11/2006 10:23 pm

wanna use any frequent flyer miles yet baby??????? I would love to be the recipient mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Longingfor69Now 52F

5/28/2006 3:34 pm


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