Taking advantage of chinese girls  

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7/5/2006 6:08 am

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Taking advantage of chinese girls

Saturday night I was going home from watching football in a bar. I was one block from home, when I noticed a chinese girl walking in front of me. She was walking slow and not so straight. First I thought - so what? But when she stopped and grapped a railing it made me stop and ask her if she was ok.

Gentleman as I am, I decided to follow her down the street and maybe home, but we didnt got much further than to a busstop longer down the street where she wanted to sit down.

I asked her if she didnt want to go home and sleep, but she was not interested in that. We talked some. Maybe she was talking like a drunk girl, I cant tell for sure, my chinese is not that excellent, though she seemed clear to me, besides a bit dizzy.

I took her to a park where we talked some more, I was touching her some and kissing her too. She was pretty, slim, and in good shape. I was more or less ready to do it in the park, and she seemed ready too. But she wanted a "proper" place, not a park. Hers was out of the question, and I didnt want to bring her home, so the night ended with I followed her home, got her phonenumber and gave her a goodnight kiss.

The next day I send her an sms. From our messages I could understand, that she didnt remember me I assume coz she was too drunk.

Made me very glad I didnt bring her home, would have felt like taking advantage of the situation.

It reminded me of a comment from a guy on a forum I read some time ago, that if one wants sex in Shanghai, one should just pickup a girl on the street or in a mal, pretend you want to do language exchange, take her home, get her drunk with some bloody marys, where she cannot taste the alcohol, and then have some fun.

To me, it doesnt really seem like the right way of doing it.

stig_in_shanghai 44M
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7/10/2006 3:49 am

ya I thought that comment was horrible.

chimneytree 33M
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7/10/2006 11:39 am

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