Come join in my ultimate fantasy!  

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2/19/2005 1:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Come join in my ultimate fantasy!

We are secret, mysterious individuals. We meet and chat here. We arrange a secret rendezvous at a secret time, at a secret place . . . in a secluded forested location. No one knows of the clandestine encounter that is about to be. We meet quietly in the moonlight . . . not a word is spoken. The sky is clear, our eyes rise up to the Milky Way. Is this a pre-destined crossing of our life paths? We walk into the forest, hand in hand. All is very peaceful . . . very quiet. I lay a soft blanket down upon the forest floor. We slowly disrobe each other, touching, caressing, nuzzling . . . your delicate body curves are accentuated by the soft moonlight. We are totally consumed with each other's sensuality. I caress your long hair, explore your ears, your mouth, your tongue with mine, working down to your firm, ample breasts, teasing them, titillating them. Your nipples become firm and erect. My flaccid penis begins to perk up its head. Together, we melt and lay down. I taste your body, from your lips, to your breasts, down to your belly button, your furry love nest, down the insides of your legs to your knees, your feet, your toes. I gently massage your vulva for several minutes, touching, teasing. Are you getting aroused? Do you want me to go further? I spread your dense bush and lips to savour the aroma of your natural scent. I kiss your g-spot and nuzzle it . . . you purr with excitement. I reach down and slip a long, slender, phallus-shaped vibrator into your moist love canal. I flick your quivering clitoris with my darting tongue, making you squirm with delight! I suck your labia into my mouth. I suckle them. I lap up and swallow your delicious juices! My thick cock now stands fully erect, waiting to conquer you. You begin to moan softly and draw my head closer to your aching vagina. I lick you from bottom to top, sucking, making sure no flavour is wasted. Oooohhhh! You taste sooooo delicious! I swallow your love syrup. Your moaning soon turns to panting. Your breathing begins to get deeper and heavier. Your abdomen becomes firmer as you anticipate an impending climax, so I ease off. I place the vibrator between your breasts. I massage and suckle your nipples for a few minutes. I kiss your lips. We French kiss, flicking our tongues in passionate unison. I return to your pussy to tease your clit once again. You begin to moan . . . I repeat my performance, bringing you to the very edge of climax, then backing off. What a tease I am! Back and forth we go for almost an hour. Your face becomes flushed, and then suddenly . . . your abdomen begins to heave and thrust . . . you wail as you explode in violent convulsions of orgasm!!! Cum for me, baby!!!! Cum for me!!!! Again . . . and again . . . and again! Flood my face with your sweet pussy nectar! Give me all you've got . . . I'm lapping up every drop! (As I write this, I'm getting verrry verrry horny just thinking about you. My cock is as hard as a rock! Are you wet? Are you reaching into your panties to stroke the protruding head of your clit right now?) As I lay on top of you, my now throbbing penis naturally finds its way to your love triangle. My pulsing organ slips easily inside your dripping pussy, almost as if it's being sucked in. Aaaaahhhhh! I feel at home. We have no condoms, there is no need. We are pure, as virgins. Alas, I am caught up in your power as you wrap your silky legs around mine . . . I am unable to pull out! Your hot pussy grips tightly onto my rigid shaft. I've become a sex prisoner, a sex slave! I beg you . . . please release me, let me cum! I thrust deeper and deeper . . . I feel the head of my cock rubbing against your cervix . . . you feel my pubic hair bristling against your firm clit with each thrust. I sit back and tease your love button with the vibrator, bringing you to the very edge of climax yet again. I lay back down and fuck you harder and harder until you cum yet again, squeezing my love muscle with every contraction of your tight pussy! I want to spray the inside of your vagina with my love juices! We oscillate in natural rhythm . . . your hips and mine in unison. Then suddenly . . . I lose total control. Ahhhhhh! Here I cum!!! Here I cum!!! Ooooooohhhhhhh!!! Don't stop!!! Don't stop!!! You whisper in my ear . . . Fuck me baby . . . fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!! You squeeze my scrotum and feel my aching testicles empty as I ejaculate into your love canal!!! Our rhythm slowly subsides. It feels sooooo good, doesn't it? We relax . . . as you slowly release your prisoner from your dripping man-hold trap. We lay side by side and gently caress each other. Our blended juices begin to ooze from your pussy . . . you reach down and sample a taste. An owl calls out in the distance, then all is quiet. We pull a blanket over us and cuddle, two becoming one. We fall into a deep slumber, wrapped in each other. Can this be real? Or is it just a fantasy, a dream? Maybe it can be. Only the stars know for sure, but they are unable to speak.

faery_killer 30F

2/19/2005 6:05 pm

Now that's a nice fantasy....

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