meeting her again..  

steward_chan 35M
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9/4/2006 12:38 am
meeting her again..

Thinking that i'm on a leave currently till thursday, i do not wanted to waste time slagging at home before i report for my reservice for the IMF on next week. So i send a sms to the ite gal that we met up few days ago & ask if she is free. But her lesson end at 4.30pm today and she will need to rush back home. I was quite disappointed but i ask if i can accompany her home & maybe we can drop by somewhere for a quicky again like the handicapped toilet in the mall or maybe by the stairs of her hse. I has been thinking of trying it at the stairs becos it really give me the kind of execitment. She did not reject my accompany but said she might not want to do it today. Still we arrange to meet up outside her school at 4.30pm. Guess i gotta get change & leave now. So goodbye & i let u all know tonight whats the outcome ok....

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