banging his wife.....  

steward_chan 35M
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9/3/2006 2:04 pm
banging his wife.....

Tired of waiting for responds here, i try another way to look for some execitement during this warm sunday afternoon. I called the 1900 chatline, within a few mins. I come across a lady intro as " housewife looking for a meet up".
So i reply the voicemail with my number and my name. A while later, this lady by the name of pauline called my mobile and we had a short conversation. She was a 40 yrs old housewife alone at home and her husband is a working during the weekend as a car dealer. I told her that i'm only 25 and she fine with it.she asked me if i mind her age & if i would like to go to her place to accompany her? Thinking that i had nv tried intimate with any lady at this age before & i would like to gain this experience. I promise her i would come now. But to make sure i did not got the wrong idea, i asked her " What do we do at ur home if i accompany u?" She said " if u don't mind my age, we can have sex."
After all the doubt is clear, we hang out & i took a cab down to pasir ris. Within an hour, i reached her place & when she opened up the door. I was a bit disappointed becos she was a bit too plump but she had a huge breast. We sat down on the sofa & chat for a while. She talked talk abt her needs of sex is actually due to her husband. Its becos after her pregnacy, she gain alot of weight & unable to slim down so her husband is not really keen on her due to the size. Another reason is also the husband has errection problem in the past few yrs so he is unable to perform. After what she told me, i can feel that she is very hungry for sex now. Very soon i asked to go to the bedroom & we undress very quicky.As i lay on the bed, she did a handjob & blow for me. Maybe becos i'm tired i actually fall asleep but i can feel my dick is getting real hard. I did not know how long i slept but when i came around, she was already on top of me with my dick inside her.
I was shock then with no protection on even i had brought it with me but what done is done. So i juz forget it & enjoy what she is doing on me. Its was a bit difficult for me becos for her size sitting on top of me make me feel being press. So i asked her to lay down & let me do the rest. I tried to spread her legs fully wide but due to the fats on her tigh, i only managed half spread wide. To my surprise when i insert my dick in her hole, i can feel the tightness of the hole being untouch for a long time....So from there onward, i decided to give her a good pump. We did not change the sexual position due to her size so we lasted the same position for 20 mins. As her breast was huge (near E ), i decided to breast fuck her. So she used her hands to press again each other while i put my dick in between her. I had nv tried breast fucking on such a huge tits before so the feeling was too good that i nearly cum on her face. To cool my dickhead down, i stuff my dick in her mouth & she suck for me. She was good at licking too as she suck and lick my dickhead together. After a while of sucking, i proceed to bang her again with the same position but this time round none stop. Halfway through i stopped as i felt some cum in me has flow out. She asked wat happen & i told her. A smile on my face when she told me that she went for an operation to stop her from pregnacy. I start banging her none stop again as she moan & groan for the next 30 mins before i cum all inside her. As its already past 6pm , i quickly took a shower , got myself dress & left. But before i leave, she ask if i can make it on next sunday too? And i reply her" of course & i'll be glad to come every weekend" So as promise i'll be visiting her every sunday to do what her husband can't do for her. So what a sunday today is & it will be the same for the rest of the coming sunday banging somebody's wife in their own nest. And what a great week for me to own 2 adventure on a short 5 days! I'll be looking forward to next week.....

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