Morning to noon banging his wife again & again part 2  

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9/9/2006 12:26 pm

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Morning to noon banging his wife again & again part 2

Very soon after i log out of AdultFriendFinder, we began preparing for the next few hours of banging again. I waited for in the bed while she was in the kitchen washing the dishes. Few mins later she came in with me lying there tiredly waiting for her. I lay there with my dick standing high so the moment she lay on the bed, she began sucking my rod. Its was enjoying becos she suck mine rod deep into her throat making me feel good. Well it did not last long as her sucking skill was bad so this time i turn her around & ask why not we try doggy position but on ur anal. That becos she was so oversize i can't do doggy on the vagina so anal was the near the top that why its easy. So after turn her around i position myself behind her with my dick pointing at her anal. I use my saliva to wet her anal & then i put my dickhead on the tip of her anal. As soon as i adjusted the right position, i gave her a hard push & it was a tight want. I can really feel it real tight. I madly pump her real hard that the slapping on her butt feel the whole room , even her moaning is not as loud. As i was feeling uneasy kneeling , i shifted her to the end of the bed with me standing up. This gave me more space to penetrate her deeper. Now i was banging her in a better position now. At this time , my hp rang. So i stop & pick up the call. Its was my best buddy. He was asking my where abt so i told him i was at this place banging someone else wife. He thought i was bullshiting him so i asked him to called me again this time with 3G call. He called back soon with 3G call & i place the phone @ a side table where he could see her positioning at the side of the bed. I moved over her back & started pumping her to showed my buddy. I could see him shock & his face is written with envy. He was on the line for 10 mins watching me banging her & asked if he could come & join in the fun. She heard the conversation as i turn the speaker on so she did agree to let him come if i allow him to. So i gave my buddy her address & he was on the way now. Hanging up the call, we continue what we were doing & we lasted for abt 30 mins before her door bell rang. Its was my buddy who arrived at her place. He wasted no time coming into the room & undress himself. I asked him to wait for a while more as i'm still on the job with her so he stood at one side & masterbrating himself. I continue with her on her anal at the same time my friend also ask if we could bang her in her 2 hole. I told him that becos of her size its unable to do it so i suggest that when i'm pumping her in the back , u could go to the front & she suck it for u. We ended up with her sucking his dick & me on her anal. At this time i was pumping her faster & faster as i could feel my cum again. So in the view of my buddy, i empty whatever cum i have in her anal. I could feel the effect seem to go off as it was not that stiff as before. After i done with her, my buddy quickly turn her around & insert his well grown dick into her. AS he was banging her , i looked under her & saw that my cum is slowly flowing out from her anal. What i saw now really disgust me a little becos the balls of my buddy had my cum stick on them. Yuck!!!!! EEEeee......
What surprise me that is my buddy had actually cum in her already & that is really fast. I told him that he can take his time but his answer to me was " I can't take it anymore. The longest i can go is only 5 mins." Can i ask if any of u guy are unable to control ur ejection? Well its was a nice view on her bottom when our cum was flowing out from both the holes & i see the bedshit was really flooded by our cum. The time now was nearly 5pm so we got ourselves dress up & left her home kissing her goodbye. I got a lift home from my pal & as soon as i reach home , i lay on my bed sleeping till 12am. Keke its was juz nice for my Man Utd match.....

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9/9/2006 12:50 pm

thats a good fucking story

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