one evening last summer  

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one evening last summer

Last summer I had a rather special evening. It's been on my mind again so I though a would post what I wrote about it here and see if anyone has anything to say about it.

As above, so below.
Yesterday was not a good day. I spent the morning
doing battle whit suppliers and warrantee provides, to
the point I was having trouble not recalling the
language I learned as a seafarer. Then it was out side
in the after noon heat. The heat index here was 110
degrees. The air was so thick it felt as if you had to
push it out of the way to walk through it. Finely I
made it to the end of the workday and home.

After a wonderful supper cook by my son and a short
rest I decided to go out and play my pipes a bit. The
sun had gone down but the sky was still light, my
favorite time of day, the glooming. As I stepped out
on to the lawn I was greeted by four bates circling
and diving. They were taking the evening meal of
insects. I watched them for a few minuets and I felt
my heart lighten a bit as I watched their arieobatics.
Then I heard a honking. I looked out across the cow
pasture that was separated by a fence from my lawn
trying to get a fix on the noise. East by so-east I
put it. I stood watching as the honking grew louder,
there rising above the tree line were two huge echelon
of geese flying straight for me passing not twenty
feet above my head. Now my heart was soaring. I put my
drones up on my shoulder and blow stick in my mouth
and played Highland Cathedral and the Dark Isle as I
walked along the fence line. A row of pin trees on one
side and the rolling pasture sloping its way down to
the creak on the other.

I turned facing so-west, I could see storm clouds of
in the distance rising high into the sky. There were
flashes of lighting in the clouds. This brought to
mind him who I think of as a friend, Manannan. So to
honor him I played Tir Na Nog. The lightning seemed to
double and keep time to the music. I played a few
other tunes as the sky got darker and the lighting
brighter. Then as I started playing the Green Hills I
turned about face so-east and there just above the
tree line was the bright red sliver of light that was
the leading edge on the rising full moon. My fingers
faltered at its beauty, and I remembered I had forgot
that tonight was the full moon. I began playing again,
Green hills, The Battles Over, Balmoral Retreat, Garry
Owen now the goddess was revealed in all her glory, A
yellow orange orb hanging just above the trees. Then
it came to me, though I had forgotten to lay out my
altar the lord and lady had spread a much greater
altar out in the sky above me. Manannan was there on
my right with his lighting and storm clouds and Bride
there on the left in the moon just as I place them on
my alter. So I had my full moon ritual in spite of my
forgetfulness, and a greater on that I could have done
myself. As I tool my leave of the lady and lord and
returning to my house I thought to my self "as above,
so below"

Lang may yer lum reek!

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