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12/5/2005 10:34 pm

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The reason I became a member of this site is to meet people who are not afraid to talk. Sex is one of the least talked about subjects. I feel most every one here is more open to talk with than any other group. I love sex and I can keep up with most women. My dick stays hard longer so I can please many women. It would be ok if we just became friends. but I would like to find someone to love.

One reason I bought a camera is to meet people. I don't have to keep the photos they can be down loaded to your computer. I get the practice at the same time. I plan to go into pro photography some day.

Meeting people is the key and I did not post a photo because those I would like to meet will think of sex first. Their is more to sex than looks. Open communication to what feels best for each person. It takes time to learn what turns people on. It may be that many people want it now.

I look younger than my age and I may send a photo if asked. As long as I get a photo in return.

I would like to know if people here just want to get fucked or learn to drive women wild.


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