Scared little girl in a Candy Store!  

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4/6/2006 1:17 am

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Scared little girl in a Candy Store!

Have you ever been offered everything you could ever really want, when it comes to dating options, and the after effects from such, that is to say! You know, the proverbial Kid in a Candy Store type situation! Well, I Have been offered pretty much everything I could possibly want, by many, many, many people here at but, now that I have the offers and beleive me some are quite tantilizing, and could be well received. Now here is the RUB! Now that I have all of these people wanting me in various positions(lol)and/ or situations, I don't know what to do! Yes, I said it I am clueless! I thought I had this Transgender thing down pat, but, when it come to dating and what comes afterward(sex), I am one page 16, you know, just a few pages past the first chapter " the opposite sex and you". I love the attention, after being denied it for the greater part of life. Safety is also a BIG concern, are the contacts that I make here going to Hurt me, are they just trying to get in my pants, or are they out to rob me blind and leave me pennyless, wow......... this is mindnumbing!
So, Help? No really, I need help! Believe me I want to take some of these men and women up on their offers, I really do wonder what it would be like to be the center of a GgBg, but, that doesn't mean That I am going to risk my life for a few fleeting bits of pleasure. If any of you readers really do give a shit about your fellow human beings, well leave me a note.

P.S. NO, this is not a pretext to get any kind of contact, just a plea for info!

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