Mamma's Panties!  

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7/26/2005 1:00 pm

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Mamma's Panties!

A few days ago a very sexy, older, gentleman purchased the panties & phone sex combo that I listed on Sinful Auctions. He wanted some nylon/polyester type material panties and prefered they be a full back pair. I didn't have anything like that, BUT I know my mom wears those "granny panty" type underwear. So after the man told me what he wanted, I snuck into her room, found a silky type pair of pink panties with lace around waist and stole them out of her clean laundry basket!

I told him that I found a pair, but they weren't mine, they were my moms. He told me that, that was even better! That night, after I took a shower, I slipped her panties on. They felt strange, a little too big, and not my style. I was getting mildly aroused, knowing that I had stolen them and that some stranger was going to be wearing, smelling, and masterbating to my scent in my mothers panties. Sick, sure... twisted, who cares! LOL

I wore the panties when he & I talked on the phone. We had 40 minutes of amazing phone sex and then I wore the panties to bed. I wore them for him, the entire next day, then took them off and sealed them up & mailed them out! I was so wet, knowing that he was going to put on my panties! He just sent me an email and told me how great they smell and feel against his skin! I told him I want pictures!

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