what is this number - the one called age?  

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10/5/2005 10:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

what is this number - the one called age?

okay...i'm older than most of you guys...and my pet is older than many of you ladies. big deal! i am constantly surprised at that importance that these numbers have in so many people's minds. i am not suggesting that i or my pet would be interested in a woman or couple young enough to be our children. i am saying that mature - okay, i'm 58 (happy?) - adults can and do have gratifying encounters with a lot wider range of partners than some would assume were possible.

the size of my cock or the size of pet's tits is not the issue...nor is the miles we have come in our life's experience. those miles are valuable! there is a richness of experience that we miss if we are not brave enough and willing to go after those people slightly outside of our artificially established parameters. life is a feast and i want to have everything - appetizer to dessert!

my choices lead me to be interested in people who are old enough/experienced enough to be able to talk with about music, art, history, culture, sexual alternatives. someone who can tell jokes and laugh at themselves and life in general is a very large plus. reading some of the profiles disappoints me in the intellectual liberation of some of those profiled...even if some are physically amazingly appealing!

okay, i've ranted and raved just about enough.

MochaMoxy 49F

10/15/2005 6:41 pm

There are so many of your posts that I agree with that I had difficulty deciding which one to respond to. I decided to go with the most recent one. I agree with your thoughts on age, expanding one's expectations and experiential horizons, about the development of a connection through conversation and time rather than an immediate "rush to lust" as you called it, etc etc etc. I myself have had very satisfying sexual experiences in my past with different types of people. I didn't start having sex until the age of 24 when I was in graduate school which I have considered to be an advantage. I really took the time to develop my mind, my interests, my desires, my tastes in a partner, etc in that time and from that time on, I have had largely good experiences with men/people of my choosing. The age range spans from ten years younger to seventeen years older and basically had to do with chemistry (sexual, intellectual, etc ) more than chronological age. I currently find myself searching for a "friends with benefits" arrangement with limited success. I don't want several partners, but one with whom I have a solid and satisfying connection, sexual and otherwise, that allows for fairly frequent interaction not limited to just sex. I admire and agree with all you have said and your viewpoint on people and sexuality. I hope we all find what we are looking for...even if we don't know exactly what it really is yet. Peace, M.

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