unfair? 'not sure....  

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9/19/2005 1:20 pm

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unfair? 'not sure....

i was just browsing around (because i love to see the porfiles of women and mf couples that are on the site) and i discovered - stumbled across - something that i'm sure i had noticed before. today i noticed a frequent appearance of women who say that they are not getting "enough at home". i guess that wouldn't have caught my eye but there were a fairly large number profiles that said that they didn't want to hear from men who were not getting "enough at home". certainly there is a great deal of lattitude for people to make choices based on their own criteria. my question is whether anyone else thinks this might be a bit unfair to people who are in unsuccessful relationships - married or not.

my feeling is that all of us have found ourselves in relationships that were not entirely gratifying - regardless of how long we did/did not hang on to them to make them work. the bias i seem to be noticing is pretty harsh on the men in those relationships while letting the women deal with their less than enthralling relationships in more direct ways. 'no strings' isn't accepted as a description of people's situations without regard to gender.

who makes the rules anyway...and is this a case of an "all men are dogs" mentality?

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