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10/3/2005 9:14 am

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me and she

there are two of us though both of us put ourselves on AdultFriendFinder at different times so we are listed as individuals. we play together and love our variety of play...a little kinky.

what we are running into is a long list of no responses. i'm beginning to think that many poeple are looking for a rich ken/barbie and no one fits that description.

that brings me to a topic that troubles me a little - expectations. it seems that people frequently have a fixed idea of who and what they have to have. i used to take much the same attitude about prospective partners and was forced by circumstances to meet with someone outside that set of parameters. it was one of the best experiences of my life. if open mindedness is such a desired trait why is there this rigidity amongst the listings on the site?

it seems that good company, good conversation, and wonderful sexual interaction all need to be considered. i suppose my perspective is to encourage people to push the envelope and visit new horizons.

well, i guess i can't be concerned about people's willingness or unwilling ness to do that so i won't waste time on it. even though i think pushing that envelope would enrich a lot of people's experiences i'm not sure there is as much of as an adventurous spirit as we would like to think.

i live in a 'college town' and they are suppose to be pretty liberal. sadly, it is about the most conservative places i have lived. isn't that strange. oh well, sounds like a topic for another entry.

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