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9/7/2005 12:27 pm

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Starting out

I guess this is the first installment...

I'm a middle age man who has had an assortment of lifestyle experiences - some of which I hold onto. The people I have met in these various lifestyles have always been much more important to me than some of the activities. I have wandered through swinging and BDSM (actually, Domination/submission) in the last several years. Each has been motivated by the need to meet my particular needs as well as the needs of at least one other person. That relationship based involvement was the key feature to me.

I adopted three rules (stolen from a good friend) to serve as a guide: 1)this is a recreational activity, 2)this is not about disrupting anyone's ongoing relationships, and 3)no always means no. That has kept me out of a lot of trouble along my way.

Violations of these rules has made it difficult for others to maintain a degree of equilibrium. One woman I met and came to care for had a problem with a level of affection she developed with another man - other than her husband. It was a tough time for her to maintain that separation that should have maintained her marriage. Playing is great, but this (or any other alternative lifestyle) is not meant to disrupt important relationships that sustain us. She did successfully put her perception back together...and a good deal happier after she did.

Well...enough of this for a while. 'talk to you soon.


9/7/2005 1:18 pm

good rules

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