Forbidden Lust  

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6/29/2006 4:17 pm

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Forbidden Lust

Forbidden Lust

Who gave Yourself to the death of the Cross to save sinners,
look upon me, most lustful of all sinners

.and I did love him with every inch of my flesh
burning with his fingertips and the sound of his voice
My body upon his made me feel angelic and his kisses;
so seductive upon my neck to my lustful lips
it started so easy as he held me tight against his frame
but as the candle dimmed his breath hastened as he touched me
my eyes shut tight with the biting of my lip
tasting blood as he kissed his way above my heart
the paleness of my ample breasts stained pinkish blush
his tongue surrounding the stone buds as I whimpered softly
hands all around my curves as if sculpting the glass of wine
the scent of the vineyard arousing his cravings as the kisses dwelled
down the slope of my midriff to a decadent yet mysterious valley
candy raindrops softly reflecting off the folds as he explored
taking into him that which I hold sacred and cherished
and oh God did he touch with such respect of the temple
finding the gem that lies hidden within it's fortress
thighs shudder in a wake of tide overcoming me
drowning me within the fantasy and reality I know I imagined
Praying to the Lord to let me die in such overwhelming pleasure
pinned to a sheeted cross he crucified me
I called out as Jesus did with a low groan and breathy moan
my legs nailed beneath his own as the adrenaline rushed my head
feverish bliss of defiled innocence and blasphemous eroticism
His soul embedded within mine as the height of the spasms climaxed
soaked within the holy waters of my own garden of eden
as Adam ate from the fruit of the punished so did he
His rib not within my cage but caging me within his greedy yearning
and he carried my seductive form from his bedded prison
body aligned in perfection with my own weary form
heartbeats as one as we drifted within my hazed confessional
praying for our sins as we again stain the sanctity of love

bless me father for I have sinned
but let me burn within my lust for I crave him

sundog1974 55M

7/12/2006 10:10 pm

forbidden lust : my nieces friends ...

rm_StormRS 40M
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3/12/2007 3:41 pm

Wow. Incredible.

Just like the author.

If you should die before me, ask if you can bring a friend........

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