The Rules  

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7/13/2005 2:31 pm

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The Rules

The Rules, with credit to Murax, who paved the way.

1. She is in charge. If she says stop, stop. If she says faster, faster. If she says don’t stop, don’t stop. It’s ok if you ejaculate prematurely ‒ the idea here is that you can come when you like.

2. She deserves all of your respect. No name calling. You can talk dirty, but if you call her a bitch, whore, or something else, you’ll be leaving.

3. No drama. This isn’t Secret Agent Man and she’s not in love with you.

4. No visiting us unless both of us are present and the visit is arranged in advance.

5. Your first cum has to be in her pussy. After that, you can cum in her mouth or pussy. No anal.

6. Be gentle. We want you to have fun, and feel good, but nothing rough unless she says so.

7. The husband will participate in making love to the wife. He will also talk to her through this ‒ if this is a problem, then this is not for you.

8. No gay stuff ‒ we’re not bi. Strictly heterosexual.

9. When you’re spent, it’s time to leave. A minimum of chit chat. If you need some time to recover between cums, that’s good ‒ but when you can’t get it up again, or your cock is not ejaculating any cum when you cum, it’s time to leave.

10. We are not going for endurance. Yes, it’s nice that you can last all night. But the object here is for everyone to enjoy themselves ‒ you come as soon as you feel like it ‒ don’t hold back. You can rest and cum again. It’s nice that you can make her cum, and she may ask you to ‒ pay attention to her. But we’re not competing with each other and she’s not keeping any score other than the amount of semen.

11. You don’t have to be shy about cumming in her mouth ‒ some guys have this problem. You don’t have to be shy about touching her or kissing her. She likes these things.

12. If you are inexperienced, it’s OK. No one is keeping score, and chances are you’ll cum just as much as the other guys or more.

13. If you do this, you will have to be disease free.

14. Courtesy goes a long way. You’re getting your balls emptied quite nicely ‒ if you want to come back again, you have to treat her well.

15. Don’t bring your friends on the spur of the moment. They have to go through the same screening process as you.

16. Have a good attitude. This is VERY important. This is a cooperative venture. You have to play well with others. You have to share. For example, if you're fucking a woman missionary, you might need to make some room so she can suck dick, or role her over doggy style so another guy can join in, etc. After a while, you hang back and let another guy take the spot, etc. Don’t have a problem walking around with other naked guys with hardons. That seems obvious but you would be surprised how many guys start feeling insecure when they are in a room
with a bunch of big hard cocks.

17. Did I say the woman comes first? If you want to come back and get off again, then you want to make sure she has a really good time. This does not mean that you are under any pressure to make her cum. But you are to be a gentleman with great consideration at all times. If she wants to stop, stop. If she wants to fuck someone other than you then that’s the way it is. I don’t care if you have blue balls ‒ go jack off in the bathroom.

18. She wants to be treated like a princess being served by her stable of studs. Not slapped around like a crack whore at a biker party. If you can’t handle her fantasy, you know where the door is.

19. Don’t bring a camera unless you are asked to. I will take select pictures and edit out the faces if you like ‒ I will always get a few creampie pics that I will make available to you. Don’t ask her out on a date. Don’t try to contact her outside of our get-togethers. Nothing will kill this faster than a bunch of guys all competing to get laid outside of the schedule. And the husband will NOT like it (neither will the wife, for that matter ‒ it’s a quick way to lose your privileges).

20. Do I really have to say this? Take a shower and shave. Cologne is nice, but not too much ‒ if you smell like the whole bottle of Brut… Wear clothes that are quick to get in and out of ‒ but make sure they’re clean and tidy. Cut your nails. Brush your teeth. Take a look at your package to make sure it’s neat and tidy for the lady. Look nice ‒ but you don’t have to get a 100 dollar haircut to get your balls emptied.

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