The Process  

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7/20/2005 12:14 pm

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The Process

The Process

1. You read, study, and agree to the Rules ‒ and tell us so. There is no negotiation on the Rules ‒ remember this is bareback and at least a threesome (strictly straight sex ‒ no gay or bi).
2. You commit to staying safe sex with others ‒ so you can enjoy the privilege of getting off here.
3. If you’re bi, and can’t do without male contact, please don’t bother to write or call us. That’s nice, and we don’t have anything against bi people, but it’s not what we’re looking for.
4. You commit to staying in reliable communication with us. We can email you at another email address if you wish. Don’t give us your cell number until after we give you ours.
5. You send us a pic ‒ a clothed body pic or face pic will do. Don’t worry ‒ we’re not looking for Brad Pitt.
6. You send us your evening schedule. All meetings will be at night at our house.
7. My wife handles our schedule ‒ she will pick a date and time and we’ll email it back to you.
8. Don’t send your schedule unless you are fully committed to showing up and going through with this. Now is the time for cold feet ‒ or deciding you don’t like the Rules (for instance, you want to wear a condom, can’t handle a threesome, etc.).
9. Once you show up, I will ask you outside once more if this is what you want. We’re trying to avoid someone bolting when the clothes come off. Once you come inside, you are committing yourself to going through with this.
10. We are completely non-judgmental. This is for fun ‒ not to prove you have a big cock, or can stay hard all night, or eat pussy for hours. The idea is to get off as much as you like and have fun.
11. Break the Rules, and you’ll be asked to leave. You won’t be invited back.
12. After you’ve visited us once, if we like you, we’ll say so. No matter how you perform, if you’re a nice person, you’ll probably be asked back. So don’t think you have to prove anything except that you’re a normal, straight-up kind of guy. Relax.
13. About being asked back. We’ll tell you that you can call us anytime, or email us anytime, and we can set up another visit, schedule permitting. So this means you can do this as long as we keep putting guys on the schedule. If you never call us back, we’re not going to chase you down.

kitz6 59F

7/21/2005 8:00 am

The 13 Step Program! Very nice!

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