A good night was had by all  

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7/15/2005 3:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A good night was had by all

A new friend! We had a very pleasant man from AdultFriendFinder over last night, and we were very, very pleased.

Not just because of the sex, which my wife found to be exactly what she was looking for, and I found to be terribly hot, but the whole atmosphere was very nice.

Since this was his first time in a threesome, he arrived a bit nervous. I did my best in 30 seconds to try to allay his apprehension. But once things got started, and he got past his first cum (and my wife had cum many times), we took a short break to relax and chat.

Hey, we're just regular people hanging out, having fun. It really made him more comfortable to know that we weren't "weird" or "strange" - like him, we just enjoy a good time.

Additionally, we have something technical to note. We've already seen this before, and I know how to avoid it, but when my wife has an orgasm (which will be often), she WILL push you out involuntarily if you're not making a concerted effort to remain deep enough to stay in. This means you have to watch for the signs that it's about to happen (of which there are many). Our guest got the hang of it, and I think he really enjoyed himself.

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