Well, I'm back.....  

starsareHistory 48M  
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2/26/2006 1:09 am

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Well, I'm back.....

Ok so here we go. Ever thought about this? You're walking along, perhaps on a hike or down the street looking at store windows. Amidst the self contained world you're in, you notice that another human being simply smiled at you. It changed you, at least for the moment, or was that impact for a change more profound(?).

The point to ponder is this:

YOU have the ability, without even trying, to affect someones instant of reality, their hour, their day or even more.

Good or bad---you will influence who someone is, or will become, every day you exist and for that matter, every day you are in someones memory.

Make it count.

BiF33Ut 50F
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3/8/2006 3:07 am

Ok... so there was some thought.. and some reflection...

but intellect?

starsareHistory 48M  
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3/9/2006 1:10 am

Do not start. Intellect is the desire to question, willingness to learn and the observation of the world around yourself. Ever thought about that? I'll give you something to THINK about. The amplitude of an argon laser at about twelve or fifteen watts of power, at its point of origination is actually brighter than the sun. Right here on Earth. These lasers are not uncommon.

Do you know that without the bat, homosapiens would be in a much different position when compared to the insect population?

Tell me what string theory is. Tell me what Einteins theory is and where it fell short of universality.

Tell ME what intellect you have.

vrb45 61F

5/8/2008 8:00 pm

Nicks her she turned off her profile anyway. Cowardly little hefer

She may be book smart but i bet she doesn't have a lick of common sense .

That's what gets us common folk through the day ...that and a ice cold pepsi

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