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10/22/2005 7:21 pm

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i went to the mindless self indigence concert wed. night with tati, john, and anthony. when i finally started making my way to the front ppl kept pointing out the fact that i'm short. they kept sayin "awww, i feel so sorry for you, you're so short." well, if i was scared to be there i would have just stayed in the back. but i'm use to it. i fell 4 times but it's all good. the first time kinda sucked b/c i had ppls feet in my face and the fourth time sucked too b/c a lot of ppl fell on me. almost the whole time msi was on there was this guy who was trying to protsct me from falling. i guess he thought i couldn't take care of myself. i showed everyone who thought short ppl needed protecting....i started yelling at a guy who was tryin to push me back so he could get to the front.....then i punched him in the face.....then he walked away in shame. ha ha. i bet he'll never try to mess with another short person. the best part of the night was meeting jimmy urine. i got to kis him....aahhhhhh! it was wikid awesome. and he signed my shoe. yeah. i know you're jealous. you wish you could have kissed him. even if i'm still in pain from it all was it worth it? YES!!

now for the drama. me and andrea weren't friends for a while b/c she went psycho and starting bein a bitch. well. we were trying to be friends again but i think she's going back to being psycho. yesterday when we were hanging out she told me i stole anthony away from here. what the!?! i guess he broke up with her that morning. she said the past few days all he's been talking about is me and she thinks i'm secretly dating him. no! me and anthiny are just friends....i don't want him and he doesn't want me. she needs to just realize he only dated her b/c he was bored. i should play that stupid ashlee simpson song "boyfriend" for her-lol. well. thats it.

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