Third Thought  

starryeyedbi4u2c 37F
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8/16/2006 5:07 pm
Third Thought

Hey there today is what Wednesday and I am ready to update. I have had a pretty boring week so far, not a whole lot happening. I changed my profile to try and see if I could attract a bit of attention but it definitely didn't work. I didn't receive any replies. Oh well I switched it kinda back to the same as before. Well I did decided that I am getting a couple of tattoo's. I am thinking that I will get a couple of pastel colored star's on my shoulders and I want to get tiny little fairy's on my lower back (I mean I want about 6 or so and I want them very itty bitty)I want them to look very human. But I think I will save up so I can get them done in Japan if I go soon. I want to visit alot of different place's and my goal is to accomplish that. I would love to chat with other woman from different country's so if your out there and reading this then feel free to send me a wink
Well my search for my first woman is still continuing and it gets a bit frustrating sometimes. I am so ready to adore her and treat her good. If your out there girl speak up LOL!
Well I guess thats it for today. Talk at ya soon.

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