Second Thoughts  

starryeyedbi4u2c 38F
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8/10/2006 10:06 am
Second Thoughts

Well first off I will begin by Thanking everyone who sent me a comment and welcomed me. I'll try to stop by and say Hello to you all Onto todays thoughts I guess. I am sitting here listening to my many songs on my Ipod and watching a thunderstorm outside my window. I figure there is nothing better then to listen to nature roll across the earth. I love the smell after the rain of the wet ground. It smells so fresh and makes me feel privileged to even be here at that exact moment. I was a bit surprised to see that a few people had read my blog. I figured I was pretty darn boring compared to alot of others. Oh well I guess everyone is a bit different and interesting in their own ways right. I have decided today that I am finally going to be serious about my weightloss. I have been trying (weakly) for the last year to drop some weight but you know how that goes. I am ready to be the size I see myself in my thoughts. I want to be curvy but have a flat as it can get belly. I am 27 and I figure if I don't lose it now then I proably won't when I get into my 30's without short of starvation. I quit smoking cold turkey a year ago so that I can better my health but then I didn't work on the weight part. But hey at least I am going for it now right. I will try and keep an update on the progress on here. Well thats the thoughts for now. Maybe more tomorrow.

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