Lady With A Thirst...  

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Lady With A Thirst...

Bathtime Fantasy

Smiling....I sign off after writing to you once again, my mind dancing.....I do so enjoy *talking* with you .... Rising from my chair I slip my robe off and let it fall to the ground, a slow smile on my face as I move to my bathroom and start the water...lost in thoughts of You.....I add an ample amount of bathoils, chuckling to myself as I think of the ~massage~ you mentioned today in your letter..... and I test the water, then carefully step in, sinking deep into the depths of the waiting warmth....and close my eyes, relaxing....letting my mind and my hands wander....

I have been fantasizing again.....exploring, wondering..and as simple as it seems I think I would be pleased just holding You and serving You and feeling Your warm embrace. What a pleasant thought, being near You, hearing the beat of Your heart.

I smile to myself again and imagine---letting my thoughts go....I find myself sitting at Your head raised and looking into Your eyes...wondering what You are thinking..reaching out with a hand and touching Your face softly...making sure You are real..feeling a warm sensation flow through my body at just the thought of Your touch on me, also. Amazing..the nice a touch......a thought, a whisper, a command...that thinking of You brings to me.

But for now, the only whispers I want to hear are those of Your voice whispering softly in my ear. ..I would lean up to You and kiss You softly, brushing my hand against Your face...just looking into Your eyes..I would kiss You lips finding Yours...feeling the heat of You against my mouth as I move my mouth lower..kissing You on the neck, a soft nibble, a warm touch, whispering into your ear.."I want you, Sir.. ....I want to feel you touch me..feel you caress me...I want to know what it is like to have you make love to serve You, m'Lord.." as you return my kiss my body starts to tremble, for your kiss does things to me that I can not explain.

You bring a sense of desire to me that makes me feel incredible. As I look into your eyes I kiss you once mouth warm and soft against tongue seeking yours in a dance that awakens my senses...I place my hands on your chest, my hair falling softly forward...brushing against you...I move my lips to your cheek and kiss you mouth moving down your neck, my hands gently massaging your shoulders....kissing you gently, tasting you, amazed at the senses you have awakened in me.

Pulling slightly away, I smile down at you and push my hair away from my face. I move to kneel between Your thighs as You watch me and I begin to remove your shirt, wanting to feel your skin next to mine...then let it fall to the side....leaning forward I kiss your chest breath warm against your skin..I could feel your hands on me, sweet Sir... massaging me, caressing me, touching me...and I would moan softly and let my hands caress your head...holding you to me...the sensations you create leaving me breathless....The warmth of your body against mine is over powering. I need to feel your skin against mine so I pull you against me, kissing you ever so stop me, watching me.....then push me back til I am flat against the floor, never taking your eyes from me.

I watch you move above me, lowering....Your mouth finds mine and You kiss me gently, moving lower...your mouth finding my breast, tasting me, teasing me, ..your kisses driving me wild with pleasure...the feel of your skin against mine setting me on fire......I watch as you work your way down slowly from my breasts to my stomach...stopping at my navel where you slowly circle it with your tounge. I would run my hands through my hair and gaze down at you..the desire building more and more with each touch..and I moan deeply....arching my body I let my hands fall to your shoulders and begin to caress you gently....slowly you undo the zipper on my skirt and begin to tug it down slightly.... you start to kiss me gently.

I moan softly, and my thighs fall open slightly, the fabric of the skirt rubbing against my skin..making me ache to be free of have awakened things in me and I shiver uncontrollably....You look at me, and sensing my needs you slowly remove the skirt. You gently kiss my legs as the skirt slides down over them. After removing it you slowly work your way back up my legs kissing gently every inch as you go. Moaning deeply, I reach and pull you to me once mouth seeking yours in a passionate kiss...tongues dancing together...I press my body against yours and my hands gently trace the outlines of your back....You can feel your cock grow hard with pleasure but you are held back by your jeans. You ache for my touch. You need to feel me. I push you away hands moving to your stomach, my fingers brushing against you mouth following their path as I maneuver beneath you....You start to tremble slightly as my gentle kisses embrace you.

My hands move to the wasteband of your jeans and I smile at you..then kiss your chest tounge tracing an outline..moving down lower..gently licking and nibbling fingers reaching for and finding the clasp on your jeans...still tasting tongue caressing your skin, I slowly unzip your jeans and let my mouth brush against the warm skin feel the heat of my breath against you and I smile up at hands working your jeans down over your mouth kissing you softly...tasting you...warm against your body...

I hear you moan with the with desire at what I am doing and watch as your hands grab back for the desk in excitement... As your jeans continue down you stand...and I pull myself up to kneel before lips brushing against your skin..your jeans fall to the ground and you step free..Your hard cock springing forth and I pull you to me and embrace face warm against your tounge teasing your stomach..tasting you...I let my hands gently caress your back and hold you to me...

Smiling up at you I let my tongue tease you more...lightly nipping at your skin...moving lower hands move to your thighs and I caress you fingers tender on your skin..then I move my mouth to their place and begin kissing you softly...moving higher and kissing Your balls..lightly licking hands find your hard cock and begin massaging..rubbing lightly at first, and I let my mouth follow the path of my hands...and hear you groan in pleasure as I finally taste mouth opening and slipping easily over Your hard cock....You throw your head back and moan with excitment, the feeling of my tounge on your skin is electrifying.... I kiss you tongue hot against your cock..and then slowly take you into my mouth..tasting you, sucking tongue caressing you...taking you in deeper...and I suck on you slightly hands massaging you..gently squeezing your balls...I can feel you moan and shudder and enjoy the pleasure I am bringing to you..and taste you with my mouth..the feel of you, the taste of you driving me wild with desire...and I begin to move slightly faster, sucking hungrily, my mouth massaging you with my tongue, tasting, teasing....suddenly, I feel your hands in my hair as you grab me and pull me up to my feet and then push me over the desk, and start slowly kissing me, working your way up the back of my legs til you finally find yourself at my soft wetness. You place one hand on either thigh and push them wide apart for you, and I gasp out in ecstasy as I feel you start to kiss my clit and return the teasing with your tounge. I moan deeply....the feel of your mouth against me a mixture of torment and pleasure...I move against you..needing to feel you....wanting you....your touch....I feel your hands massaging my ass as I lie over the desk, totally exposed to you......wondering what you must be thinking......if I am pleasing you.....

As you slowly tease me with your tounge, you reach up and continue to massage my ass, kneading it...brushing your fingers against my rosebud....I shiver and gasp uncontrollably....and you continue...gently senses are reeling as I cling to the breasts crushed against it as I hear you tell me to lift my ass higher for you.....I do not do it fast enough and feel the resounding ~*~*SMACK~*~ as you slap my nearly sends me over the edge as I cry out, lifting for you....knowing the pretty hand print pleases you.....I suddenly feel your hands grab my hips and pull me HARD against you, your cock pressing against my wetness and it's all I can do not to beg you to fuck me.....take feel me lift and press against you, moving.....and smack my ass once more.....~~*SMACK!!!!~** and I cry out.....biting my lip in pleasure and pain as I beg you.....please.....Sir! please!!!!!......please let me feel you hear my moans and rub your cock over my wetness again, teasing me.....tormenting me..... feeling me arch against you....then suddenly I feel You plunge deep inside me.....grabbing my hair and pulling me back against you as you bury your cock inside me....I cry out again..moaning deeply as I feel you enter me.

You groan softly as you beging to move..gently at first then faster....I arch my back deeply, wanting to feel you pounding into me.... wanting to feel you inside me...letting go of my hair you place your hands on either side of me and arch back as you drive deeper...and squeeze tightly around Your cock...holding you to stop for a moment and I almost scream out....I look back at you and see a slow smile cross your face before you drive yourself deeply inside me once more....andfeel you start to move again.......I move my ass in rhythm with you and I arch my hips back to yours thrust for thrust, slowly at first...then feel my muscles contract against your cock....squeezing and releasing...holding you inside me...wanting you deeper and deeper....I feel you lean over me and bite my shoulder then shiver as I feel your tongue hot against my flesh...your body pounding into hips meeting yours thrust for suck softly on my neck..your tongue teasing me...your hands holding my hips and pulling me to you, the rhthym increasing...and moan deeply against hands clasp the desk and I cry out again..and we move together as one... I feel you begin to tremble above me at the same time I feel an explosion building within me.

Moaning with desire I arch my hips hard against You..begging you for release....please....god please Sir please!!!!!!! I hear your voice in my ear as you drive into me...."Cum for me, NOW!".....and I close my eyes in ecstasy as I let go..and lose myself to you..I feel you drive one last time into me and hear you cry out in pleasure as you release your juices inside of me....just as I lose control and cum with you.....crying out your name.....our bodies clinging to each other as the crescendo builds...then slowly eases.....our breath coming hard and fast against each other....still holding you inside me I collapse against the desk...shivering slightly and can feel as you begin to relax against me........

Sighing deeply I open my eyes...the water now cold, but my body warmed and mind reeling from my dreams....shaking my head I stand carefully, reaching for a towel....body glistening from the wetness and an ache in me that needs I dry myself off I think of you once again....wondering who you are and how you can effect me so. I move to the bedroom and lie down....closing my eyes with a soft sigh, knowing that sleep once more would not come easily this night...and wishing you were here.

lifeisablast333 53M

4/10/2006 9:20 pm

WOW.....the redneck

rm_tm787 56M
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4/11/2006 5:57 am

I got so hard and came very hard on that one
loved it

rm_wenchang1966 46M
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4/11/2006 6:20 pm

Come my dear Starlinnq, I can not help, come, let me screw you, Oh, my dear.

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