what a tiring day  

starbloom71 45F
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8/1/2006 5:20 am
what a tiring day

Hmmm been busy partying the whole last week and boy it was fun. It was great that every single people from KL who were members from AdultFriendFinder put aside some of our indifferences and party together and have a good laugh and dance. I am happy that I am able to make people enjoy themselves cos I believe in living for the moment cos life itself is way to short to be grumbling and bitching about. Yeah we screw up sometimes in our lives but we move on and be a stronger person. There will always be people you meet who are bad as well as good. I always believe if someone does something bad their karma will get back to them. I have seen it happened before. Gosh I am yawning so to speak. Need my rest. Would be nice to have a good massage at times but then again oh well....a good comfy bed with fluffy pillow hmmmmmmmmmm what a life. OKay folks thats all for tonite. Have fun in the chat .

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