ohh the couple.......  

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8/9/2006 10:13 am

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ohh the couple.......

ok, so this guys makes a "date" with me but here is the catch I am his wifes anniversary present. I dont get down on women but hell I love he way they eat and lick pussy......
So I arrive b4 she does and by this time the husband has me on the bed and is licking my pussy making me soaking wet, and well he tells me to start being loud when the wife gets home, so that way she will cum in the bedroom , well just about that time the door closes out in the living room and i started moaning louder then i was already........ the wife walks in and was like what the ...., and well the husband said i was just getting her ready for you. i bought her for you hun. I wanna watch you enjoy her sweet pussy he says to her. about that time she comes over and starts by putting her fingers on my sweet lips spreading them far and wide, exposing my very nice clit. then she starts by flicking it a lil while kissing my nice 40 DD's, sucking on my nipples.... damn was i wet by now, then she preceeded down to my clit and well her tounge was so soft and knew right where to go..., she stuck her fingers in me and wow, that was nice my pusy instantly swelled up around them, she and I both looked over at her husband and he was jerking off, I said why dont you cum over and join in the fun...... so he came over and I started stroking him, he was harder then a rock...... I was loving life and then I cam so hard and soaking wet every where....her face was glistening every where with my juices... she wanted to see her husband F88K me, so I bent over on all fors and she got underneath me licking my clit while her husband punded my pussy..... then came the good part, oh he told her to get up here and lick my ass so he could pump me there.... oh I started to throb thinking baout that.. she did, and oh my god was that wonderful, so he pulled out and slid it in my ass.... she got back down undrneath me but this time she licked my clit and was biting on it tooo holy crap... well to find out how it ended you will have to make a "date' with me or drop me your email address

XJackinyourBoxX 42M

8/9/2006 10:36 am

It sounds like you know how to have a good time...
Enjoy your adventures!

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