READ the Blog below this one-About moronic, ignorant assholes-Ladies,Couples- sound familiar?  

squirtingpussy38 49M/49F
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11/15/2005 7:37 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

READ the Blog below this one-About moronic, ignorant assholes-Ladies,Couples- sound familiar?

BY all Means read the blog below: Titled: “PATHETIC, DEPRAVED, IGNORANT, MOROIC RESPONSES I GET!-It is the Blog just below this one for the ones who know what “below” means in the common vernacular-let’s try beneath this Blog.

Holy jumping rage filled assholes and idiots, Batman! Since I wrote this Blog aforementioned, I have gotten few comments, but holy shit! The angry, rage filled emails on the AdultFriendFinder mail have been pouring in like Southern rain, Monsoons even!

I believe that by golly I have hit a nerve, a very sensitive nerve indeed! I am now being called a slut, cunt, stupid bitch and a veritable plethora of epithets and insulting names with short diatribes attached. Gee boys, are you all pissed off that you can’t write me your ignoramus emails and sit anxiously and await throbbing for me to come running to your house? I know, you boys just can’t put together any intelligent verbiage, so in anger you, knowing you are incapable, have to insult me in the most bizarre ways possible.

How pathetic is this? The Studly do Rights who can’t string two intelligent sentences together, but of course, can totally satisfy a woman like she has never been satisfied before or will ever be again.

I will keep this short, refraining from a literal diatribe. What woman in her right mind would ever even consider fucking or having any sexual encounter with a boy, or alleged male who can’t even write a response resembling something intelligent? My Gawd, can you imagine meeting one of these clowns in hopes of having good, pleasurable sex? Well, I can’t. So keep the insults coming you idiots, it takes you longer to write them than it takes me to DELETE them, put that in your ass and smoke it! See picture of asshole (not shown on my Blog Pic, could this be you? you moronic, ignorant asshole who can’t, I say can’t as incapable of writing something intelligent. How many ladies and couples can relate to these two blogs? I would love to hear from you in a comment on my Blog.

redmustang91 57M  
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11/15/2005 8:10 am

I don't waste time or emotion on fools. Neither should you.

desleeped 34M

11/15/2005 8:14 am

nightstalker172 posted a blog by the name of weakest links update that lists specific assholes by handle. check it out. you may see familiar names. Any that you got that were particularly rude- send them to hell. Post their handle and what they said in comments of the aforementioned blog. nightstalker172 is keeping track of these assholes in plain sight of everyone in blogland. it is one way to help insure that these assholes never get any from this site.

rm_anthricite 49F
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11/15/2005 9:05 am

I am soo totally with you there! I have been getting notes from guys who can barely spell and have no clue what puntuation is. They write "how about it?.. Can we meet?" on the first email they send. Then there are those fat-hairy-bald-guys who never had a date in HS and if they went to University, never had a date that anyone envied, who now expect that they can pick a woman like a product on a shelf just because they happen to be on this site. GET REAL ! I get IM's from the santa look-a-likes. They send me pics. They then have the nerve to ask "so what do you think of my picture?" Hey, I'm a nice person and try not to hurt someone's feelings, so I usually say, "you're not my type but I'm cool with being just friends." I have always received hostility and harsh words in return. Is this then the site for the out of shape, the inexperienced and the never-been-pretty men to seek hope? Sheeeesh! What the hell am I doing here ! Good luck to you

Remohes55 67M
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11/19/2005 8:17 am

I have no real bone to pick with squirters except when they go to great lengths to convince people it is equivalent to male ejaculate.
Squirting is urine, plain fact. Women do not a gland that manufactures an ejaculate, it come out of the urethra, which is a tube about 2 inches long that connects directly to the urinary bladder. Consider, our bodies are wonderful machines, our body don't do anything wasteful, so to what purpose would nature have endowed women to ejaculate. If it serves no purpose then a body that by its very nature tries to conserve everything except waste would not evolve that way. Now it is true women often experience contractions when they climax and these contractions vary but can include skeletal muscles and smooth muscles of the vagina, rectum, and bladder. Bladder contractions could easily result in a squirt of urine as a woman has her climax. As women, and men, age it is often the case that bladder control becomes a problem, laughing, straining, lifting, and running can course leakage.
Squirting is also in the context of sex is, play-like, just many other things in a rich sex life involve fantasy. "Lets play-like I can cum to" and to many people this is more acceptable than "I just peed on you". Men and women buy into the female "cum" thing and build fantasies around it. Many people find pissing erotic after all it is the same organs involved and unless someone has an infection pee is innoxious.
My point is if you enjoy it, do it and have fun whether it is a leak, or a contraction, or a voluntary squirt. It is your bedroom do the things you like to do. But when women or men began to put this out as "female ejaculation of female cum", I think I have the right to set the record straight

rm_Ptalk1155 34M
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11/22/2005 11:19 am

Wow that's twice I've run into your utter stupidity remohes55. What do you do? Skulk around this site trying to dispel the squirting "myth". Go back to your cave. And you still haven't provided the so-called scientific research that somehow contradicts the actual matters of fact.

There are quite a few women around here that have the same issue with ignorant male E-mails. I come across at least one a day.

jim5131 55M
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11/23/2005 9:30 pm

I've got to disagree with '55' also, but I'm not going to jump him: I had a girfriend years ago that squirted on orgasm...and I can assure you...that was NOT urine.

rm_notsureone40 52M

12/24/2005 1:23 am

Just one question. How old are you people? Grow up! Its the internet! Everybody, YES EVERYBODY, is pathetic! If anyone had some social skills , and could deal with the public face to face. They wouldnt be on it.

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