Be generous, be kind, even to a fault but never offer us money, lest we be very insulted!  

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11/2/2005 6:46 pm

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Be generous, be kind, even to a fault but never offer us money, lest we be very insulted!

Who said that so and so was “Generous” to a fault? An axiom or just a quote perhaps, I simply recall hearing it so many times.

While there could be very little debate in the commonly accepted vernacular, of course, I am a whore, I am a slut and may I say proud of each, I have the freedom to express my total sexuality in just about in form I choose, I am Liberteen and conservative and I only have a few hang ‒ups. Taboo: Necrophilia, Bestiality and Children coupled with scatological activity now that is disease awaiting.

While I may be corrupt in the “Sexual Morality” area (Although I say fuck ‘em if they can’t get a nut!) I am not a prostitute and my body is not for sale. That brings me to this, what do all the messages I get mean when men tell me they are generous? I have certainly been around the block enough to have seen women who advertise for generous men, now what do you suppose that means, ah, I wonder? And men who go over-board on a date to tell you how generous they are, first and second dates, that is, until they get the pussy and then their pocket book puckers up like an asshole on alum. I love the guys that show themselves next to some so called fancy car, boat, motorcycle or some other material possession, that cracks me up. I look at those photos and think, get original dude, get a Ferrari Testarosa, Astin Martin or Rolls or Bentley, give it up on the common vehicles that anybody with a 650 credit score can buy on the sixty month plan.

Now some of you have accused me of being negative, critical or even condescending, well, that is your problem, straight up and with no sugar coating that’s what I’m about, like it or not, an umpire -ess who calls ‘em like she sees ‘em. So what is up with these generous guys? Well, at least they are putting forth some effort to show they are givers (For something in return) as opposed to the takers I would not let whiff my pussy, those that say “I have heavy creamy loads when can I fuck that pussy slut?” and other moronic responses. This does not include you Gentlemen who have written nice and polite messages showing some class, as I have gotten them, rare they be and I have responded, you guys know who you are.

As for generosity, sure but my hubby and I for now come as a pair, you want to dress me sexy to your taste if we decide to hook up with you, fine get me the outfit, because I am not putting on anything special to get fucked. Dinner, go flying, skiing whatever, sure we will accept your invitation, why the hell not. However, that is not purchasing a prostitute or call girl, so dispense with that thought. So as for the Gentlemen who indicate or intimate generosity, your generosity is welcome, as for money, do not ever offer us any it would be a real personal affront to me and my husband, bordering on pure insult. So, generosity is of course, welcome, but we’d rather think of it as hospitality, since it is you who want something from me in specific, when in fact, all the arrogant men, who think, resolutely believe, they can do to me what has never been done before. I should be oh so complimented and elated, get a clue, moreover, get over yourselves and your delusions.

Now if this came off as bitter to those of you who have insecurities or can relate, then that is your issue, I am in this blog just telling it the way I see it.
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