what a week  

spunkyfun1000 31F
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8/6/2006 6:37 pm
what a week

well this week was great no big milestones or tribulations. i went shopping today i had to buy a new pair of shoes and no i'm not like most women who have like 50 pairs of shoes. i only have maybe like 20 but most of them are athletic or something there of. i don't do high heels very often and when i do have to break down and buy a pair of high heels they are normally one occassion shoes they normally go to the next garage sale or the first trash can that i see. so with that said i bought a few other items. but nothing to overly exciting. with the exception of my dad's birthday present. it's so cool it's one of those cast iron banks that looks like a fueling vehicle, he collects them. but i guess that kind of sums up the shopping. my ex called me this week wanting to get back with me egggghh why can't guys take a hint that somethings are just over when they are over? but . . . anyway i guess i should go and put away all of my goodies. later all!

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